Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Self Published authors---go to my facebook for a new support group

I want to start a support group for self-published authors. My own journey has been expensive and fraught with frustrating moments. I am sure that are many ‘would-be’ self-published authors out there along with existing ones.
What is it that we have to do? What are the pitfalls? Why reinvent the wheel when there are possibly some SP authors who could point us in the right direction? Is it possible to revert to the traditional publishing houses, once one has a few books out there? Is there a cheaper way of achieving successful SP? If enough of us banded together, could we achieve any savings.
I know from my own story that you can do a great deal of the work you pay SP businesses yourself, but that too has lots of risks. One thing I do know is that either way, do it all yourself or employ a SP business, it will cost money. Keep your ‘day job’ my friends.
OK, I have posed many questions and you no doubt have more. Go to my Facebook page to find the new group. Let’s call it---‘Sell-published authors support group.’
 Neil Coleman

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