Friday, October 19, 2012

The 'third choice,' in the USA Election?---the Greens

The USA is often held up as a shining example for the democratic process. If that is so, then surely any candidate for the Presidency should be able to get wide exposure in the run-up to the election.
I was quite surprised today to hear that the Greens in the USA have what could be described as a ‘credible’ candidate. Why was it then, that I only find this out by seeing a news segment on RT? (Russian TV)
I guess it’s a case of the old-boy network, and I include the Democrats in this unholy alliance. The two ‘big boys’ have got it all sewn up. Add in mainstream media and you can see why the Greens completely lack the means to get their message across.
Am I correct in assuming that the Greens are labelled as ‘loonies’ much as they are in New Zealand and Australia? The difference may be that ion both countries the Greens, along with other smaller parties are guaranteed a certain amount of free time on TV, according to the proportion of the votes they gained at the last election. In this way we are able to hear the voices of the ‘alternates,’ albeit it in fairly small doses.
Maybe the USA should become more open to these possibilities and not leave everything up to the old, tired and clich├ęd clique with their ‘here we go again’ polices. The USA is in need of a ‘shot of new blood.
Thank you RT---once again. But---don’t get too proud---you are no doubt under the influence of Uncle Putin!

Manuka Honey---I want what I pay for, nothing more, nothing less!

New Zealand’s Manukau honey is well known far beyond our beautiful shores and it has been lauded as being a clever little ‘healer’ for a range of conditions. It is expensive so most of us don’t slaver it all over out hot buttered toast in the morning. We may add a smallish teaspoon to a hot lemon drink when we have a sore throat though.
Today we hear that a study has identified that we may not be getting everything that is claimed on the bottles. To be fair, it must be difficult to be able to make a claim that their bottle, jar or any other container contains nothing but Manuka honey. Well, the manufacturer can’t make that claim with certainty because his or her little bees have a ‘wandering’ habit that means they visit other plants in the collection area then don’t make the claim.
Some of the products that were tested at the University (Lincoln) came out as pristine and accurate in their claims and it is a pity that these products were not named. The industry and lawmakers must sort out this issue, or New Zealand exporters will suffer and the public of NZ will have little confidence that their jars of gold are the miracle workers that they claim to be. Come on, you lot---until you fix this, we will turn to other healthy alternatives.
PS. I expect the industry will come out batting for their cause and we will all be in a position to not know who to believe.

If youhtink you are a good proof reader, then join my little group.

I do not purport to be a quality writer. I reckon I can tell a good yarn or two, but the actual craftsmanship behind the story; the accuracy in writing that includes good typing grammar and spelling, along with formatting are quite beyond me. Well lacking in those skills never stopped good books from being written.
Thus my cheeky idea. I have given a few of the first printings of my books to friends and colleagues and asked them to underline or circle any obvious mistakes. Wouldn’t you know it?  Even after editing, they still find many mistakes or simple typos and formatting glitches. They give me back the book and I send it to my printer, who then makes the changes on my files and send the book back. I then get another person to have a read and they do the same exercise, in a different colour--- the process repeats and theoretically, after about five steps, my books are ‘presentable.’
My invite is to join this little group and you get a free ‘cleanish’ book. Hell, it’s Xmas soon, so maybe I can chuck in another of my books as extra incentive.
Any takers? Contact me through my website----follow the links.
Yeah, I know--- I’m a cheeky Kiwi.

Don't shut all the Terminal Kiosks, Mr Key. They could be--useful!

I’ve had a thoroughly incredible idea, Maybe it’s a brain fart, but let’s try it out. The news keeps coming about yet more computer terminals placed in Government service offices being ‘compromised.’ What that means is that some twerp manages to log on, hack, break in; call it what you like, but the end result is some poor bugger’s ‘private’ details being out there for all and sundry to peruse.
We as citizens don’t seem to be getting through to the government, our collective disgust at some of their policies. I’m talking about asset sales, school closures, League Tables (I’m not talking about sports here folks) to name a few of the issues. Well if the buggers won’t listen to our united voices, then lets all hack into National Party Headquarters, from one of the terminals placed so conveniently for us and get their policy changed. It can’t be that difficult and the government can claim that the Labour Party hacks did the hacking.
The government won’t suspect a thing and they will merely amend their policy and claim it was all just a bad dream.
See, life ain’t such a bitch after all eh!