Friday, October 19, 2012

Manuka Honey---I want what I pay for, nothing more, nothing less!

New Zealand’s Manukau honey is well known far beyond our beautiful shores and it has been lauded as being a clever little ‘healer’ for a range of conditions. It is expensive so most of us don’t slaver it all over out hot buttered toast in the morning. We may add a smallish teaspoon to a hot lemon drink when we have a sore throat though.
Today we hear that a study has identified that we may not be getting everything that is claimed on the bottles. To be fair, it must be difficult to be able to make a claim that their bottle, jar or any other container contains nothing but Manuka honey. Well, the manufacturer can’t make that claim with certainty because his or her little bees have a ‘wandering’ habit that means they visit other plants in the collection area then don’t make the claim.
Some of the products that were tested at the University (Lincoln) came out as pristine and accurate in their claims and it is a pity that these products were not named. The industry and lawmakers must sort out this issue, or New Zealand exporters will suffer and the public of NZ will have little confidence that their jars of gold are the miracle workers that they claim to be. Come on, you lot---until you fix this, we will turn to other healthy alternatives.
PS. I expect the industry will come out batting for their cause and we will all be in a position to not know who to believe.

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