Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Imagine a school that may be near you soon!

Imagine a school that exists solely to make a profit.
Imagine a school that does not follow a tried and true 'NZ' curriculum.
Imagine a school that does not require it's teachers to be 'registered.'
Imagine a school that does not require it's staff and 'teachers' to undergo a 'police check.'
Imagine a school that is not subject to the oversight of ERO (Educational Review Office)
Imagine a school that will 'select out' hard to teach students!

Let your imagination run wild, but such schools known as Partnership Schools (read, Charter Schools) will be coming to an area where you live. These 'experimental' schools are but a 'bribe' in order to keep the ACT Party, the bedfellow of the ruling National Party in power.

These schools are going to take money that should be the focus of our well run state schools. They are an extension of Government policy that already feeds millions of dollars to private school, once again  to placate the friends of the National Party.
New Zealand is standing by while Parliament passes legalisation to bring these school to reality. The once proud Maori Party also sits idly by and lets this happen. What happened to this party that led to their giving support to this legalisation? Have they not listened to 'their people,' as Tariana so often states when presented with problematic legalisation? Maybe Hone is way ahead of the MP when it comes to listening to his electorate. This action on the part of MP members will be remembered, come election time.
New Zealand is about to marginalize a large group of students with the passing of this legalisation. We will see a gradual reduction in resources that should have been targeted to existing programmes with proven records, in out State schools. This misguided fiscal onslaught, parading as 'educational philosophy'  will do nothing to improve the lot of those that it claims to help. Instead we are going to go down the path of what has clearly failed overseas. How stupid and irresponsible is that? It is indeed a sad day in NZ education.