Thursday, September 3, 2015

Five years ago my doctor said I may not make 'pension age.'

The above words were very chilling to hear five years ago. The doctor was totally correct---or he would have been if I had not finally taken the decision to change my life. No, I did not have some sort of 'spiritual epiphany! I made the decision to stop the yo-yo dieting and subsequent piling on of weight after each failed diet. All I was doing was shoving heaps of money into various 'in vogue diets,' making the authors of such 'life changing opportunities,' richer--at my expense. I was told about Bariatric surgery as the only way left for me to get a check on my ever expanding waistline and the rush to an early grave. Being over 50, the operation would cost me the price of a new car---what the hell--all I would gain would be---life. I blocked my ears to those who thought I was 'lazy, or lacked self-control.' Hey this is my life---not yours, I thought. I was sick of sleep apnoea, high cholesterol, blood pressure and type two diabetes---all of which were contributing to my early demise. Now 28 months later and about 40 kilos lighter, I have my life back and I can make plans again. I feel better and enjoy my life, without having to feel guilty and the new energy has opened up opportunities that I simply could not contemplate years ago. Today I turned 65--I collect my pension and I can still work. That allows me to make plans for putting in place some financial security re my future. I can also think about s few other dreams--the campervan, if I so choose, or some travel. Choices---something we all have, but when they are backed up with that special gift--improved health---that makes all the difference. Today has been a joy---at work, at home, knowing I have friends who care and family right alongside me. I will take some time, later--to reflect on this special day.