Friday, October 21, 2011

She bit me!

It's true--- Perdy had a hissy-fit today. OK--- Shall I begin at the ---yes--- beginning. I took Perdy down to the bay this morning, feeling quite good. (I hadn't seen the stupid typos that got through in my book at that time--- but that's another story that will have been well resolved by the time I tell it)
Perdy is really intellignet and she has this habit of trying every trick in the book to avoid coming to me and getting in the car, when it is time to go. In her mind, she decides when to go home, not me. I think of different ways to entice, trick, cajole---you name it, but it simply doesnt work--twice. Yes the first time i try something different, it works, but after tha, well chuck the idea away. She banks her new knowledge and turns it on me. I am sometimes left letting her have at least another ten minutes before she decides to come to me, tail innocently wagging, saying--- `OK, I'm ready to leave now.'
Well, today she met her macth. When it was time to go, I threw her favourite ball to her and let her have a few minutes run, chasing and almost bringing the ball back--- it's never a complete process. I mean, she hates to lose control. She does her best to ignore my requests to leave. I deicde to play her game. I give her the old silent treatment that worked so well from my Mum's point of view, when I was a kid. Did it work--- well yes it did--- sort of.
I turned my face and pretended to ignore her. I could see in my side-vision (I know-- I can't spell that other word) her little face, turniong in that endearing way, when she's trying to figure out what I am doing. I continued to ignore her. She began to bark in that semi-silent manner--- sort of between a whimper and a bark. That turned into a full blown pleading bark. I still ignored her. Finallly, she got really pissed at me and suantered over to me and sat before me looking up at me. 'Got ya,' I thought. Not quite. She decided to bnite me--- not hard--- just a nip, but it gave me the opportunity to grab her and stick her on her leash, prior to bundeling her into the car. I WON.  But what will she do tomorrow? She knows that trick now!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Use your local library

Hi Everyone. This is me in my cheeky mode. Lots of people want to read 'Roskill', but don't want to put up $48 (NZ). I don't blame them. There is another way. Just go to your local library and request it (or do it online). You just need the title, author and ISBN number.
'Roskill' by Neil Coleman. ISBN 978-1-877572-53-1   Thanks and good luck.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

'It's all about the ball.'

So you're wondering what I meant by 'and who rescued her(Perdy)?

Picture this--- One of my lovely friends brought a 'dental ball,' thinking that it would not only be good for Perdy, but it would help divert her attention when she does that jumping at the necks of other dogs when she is playing. It doesn't matter how big they are--- the bigger the better, as far as she is concerned, but I do get worried that one day she will meet her match and then, size does really matter.

The ball is a lime green and it bounces beautifully. Perdy loves to carry it and mouth it. I know she's a girl and that she should be able to multi-task, but she still jumps up at other dogs, whilst carrying the precious ball. Of course her bites are then quite ineffective as her mouth is otherwise engaged.

There is a problem when the tide is in. When we are over at the motorway side of the bay, Perdy sometimes drops the ball and it drops into the water. If the tide is out--- no problem. She just jumps into the mud and grabs her ball and crawls out. If however the tide is in, that is not quite so easy.

Yes--- you got it--- the ball rolls into the wtaer and bobs up and down as Perdy contemplates her rescue action. 'What the hell I thought-- just chuck her in. I did and she swam around, along with Patch (another friend's Boxer). They think it's a game, but after a few seconds, Perdy decides it is time to get out, minus the ball, which continued to bob it's merry way out into the bay, driven by the wind.

Oops---- Perdy can't quite get a grip on the bank and is reallly struggling to get out. I could have dropped over the side and pulled her out, but I didn't fancy getting wet and muddy. Just as I was concidering that yucky option, Patch leans over and grabs Perdy by the scruff of her neck and pulls her onto the bank. What a little hero. I have never seen a dog rescue another dog--- just beautiful. My reaction?--- well I shall buy her owner breakfast on Sunday morning--- no doubt one that she will share with her clever dog.


WE waited for an hour and the wind eventuallly drove the ball to the end of the bay, where yet another dog (Piper) ran in to the water at his Mum's request and brought the ball back to us and none of us had to get our feet wet. I have decided that the ball now has  a history, making it a very special ball--- one that will not be given to Perdy when she is on the 'other side' of the bay at high tide.

Friday, October 14, 2011

To Be Continued---well, continued

Perdy and I finished our walk on the 'big hill" and decided to go home. OK--- it was my decision-- not shared decision making in my house. Of course you wouldn't think so if you were a secret 'watcher', somehow ensconsed in the walls-lol. Why don't I just admit it?--- what Perdy (and Jasmine) want, Perdy gets.

Remember--- I was going to lunch with a friend at the food hall in Mason Ave, Otahuhu. Try it sometime---unpretentious great food. That all went well and so did the 'nana nap' I had when I got home. Yes, I took Perdy for another walk in the afternoon. You'd think that maybe I am looking slim and fit. Sorry to disappoint you--- Yes I am losing a bit of weight---slowly, like a good red wine maturing in the barrel (no pun intended) but naturally  I have to sample the barrel every so often.

That night, I cooked a curry--using a Japanese curry mix in the form of a slab, much like chocalate comes. Don't do it. It makes a mockery of good Japanese food. I bet Japanese housewives don't use it. It's full of MSG, and chemicals with numbers---- when you see that you gotta know its crap. I say all this in the interest of good international relations. I hope we don't export stuff like that. Stay with good, natural and healthier Japanese options. I am not even letting Perdy eat the chicken.

Doesn't time fly? Of course it does when I am writing, God-like, before my new computer. I can bend time, manipulate it to suit myself and my stories. Another day has passed and after a wonderful day down at the 'Fan Zone' I am once again with Perdy at the 'bay.' Man--- I walked so much today--- what, with the early morning walk already done and then wandering along the waterfront, before enjoying lunch at an establishment, normally well beyond my budget, I reckon if I had a 'Perdydometre' (Don't say it--- another bad pun) I would have ramped up a huge total, and I had the afternoon walk to come.

I'm gonna make you wait (if anyone actuallly reads this, that is) another day to tell you how Perdy needed to be rescued, AND BY YOU'D NEVER GUESS who by!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love my job ----but

Yes, I love my job, but on days like this, when I can take my time about facing the day, choose whatever I want to do, with whom ever I want to be with (as long as they invite Perdy of course) and go where ever I wish.

I slept in a little (until seven) and had my breakfast (fried eggs on my homemade bread----I don't think my doctor reads this!, but hey what comes next alleviates that a little) and then consulted Perdy about where she would like to go.

'Grrrr--- anywhere--- just get me out of here,' she barked, looking menacingly at the couch. Mmmm--- I am not getting the new one until I know she has outgrown the tendency to embark on 'chewable art.'

As soon as we started driving, she set up her whining and barking. I think she is saying---'Hurry up--- can't you drive faster--- you know I havn't had my morning pooo yet,' but after a change in dierection, away from the beach we usually go to, she settled and watched the changing view. I drove to the Three Kings Reserve, only to find that the car park was out of action. No worries, we just parked along the road a bit. Perdy did her usual pulling, making it hard ot release the tie from the saftey belt. She pulled me along into the park and once past the main entrance I released her and watched her fly up the path to sniff at some unknown dog's privates. Thank God humans don't do that! The owner of the other dog (I think it was an SPCA special, full of love and unkown potential). Perdy's not a snob and  it only took a few seconds for the two to run off, leaving me to to talk to the owner. I have found that the huge majority of dog owners are more than happy to chat: indeed I have made some wonderful new friends in the last six months, because of Perdy.

I decided that I would take the full circuit of the mountain. I had been saying for several weeks that I needed to add some hill-work into my usual walks. A few minutes later, I knew I wasn't fit, but was determined not to give up. However, I also deicided that I wouln't go to the top. That could wait until tomorrow. Once step at a time with getting fitter eh. My approach has to be better than sttiing on my proverbial --- like--- anything is better than  that.

 The view across to the other mountains was lovely, for an urban view that is. The working quary provided a contrasting view with background stage noise. Damn--- why did they have tlo open up such a huge ugly hole? What stupid council ever gave permission for that? Oh well, at least the other two mounts are still there, even if one of them has been taken over by housing.

Perdy didn't give a stuff about all that. She was far more interested in stealing another dog's ball, and then running off as if to say--'come on--- chase me.' Now you know why I always have a spare ball in the car to swap for the balls she steals and loses. luckilly, I had remmbered to bring her special ball to encourage her to give up the stolen trophy. All was well as she mouthed the slimy green ball.

(To be continued--- why?    I want to go to lunch with a friend---LOl)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Roskill has finally gone to print. It will be available in about three weeks either from my publisher direct (access thorugh my website  (especiallly for orders of five or more---discount applies). If you are in NZ get them from me
A STORY OF OUR TIMES. When the Campton family arrives from Christchurch after the dad is made redundant, things don't quite go as planned. John  (Dad) gets involved in the world of 'P' and gradually pulls away form his family. His two chidren find solace in different ways; the chatrooms on the internet and violent world of street gangs. Moana (Mum) seeks out the support of her estranged Auckland family and friends and comes up with a plan that borders on the illegal, but in desparate times, we often search for dnagerous solutions.
Roskill is a book for teenagers and parents who want to know what the affects of thier own actions have on thier children.
'Roskill' has been endorsed by Ron Phillips, author of 'Gem of the First Waters,' a therepeutic book used in group work for teenagers in NZ and in many countries.

Order through website  or from me
         NZ$38 plus postage

Monday, October 10, 2011

Will the world end?

I never thought that I would ever write a blog about rugby. Yes, I listen to all the conversations in the staff room and various other settings, Yes, I make comments(no doubt pretty unimoformed) and soak up the atmosphere. I have seen those who are just 'over it all' perking up a bit as we get to the hard end of the 'Cup.'
Of course there is all the talk about NZ 'choking' again. God, that makes me mad. Talk about willing something to happen. Is it that we lack that 'killer instinct' our Aussie cousins seem to possess? Is that the difference between our two nations? Maybe it's the generally tougher envirnonment that has made us differ in our response to a challenge?
Of course there are many examples of how we don't give up. Take the Americas Cup campaign and maybe the soccer team and the Breakers. They are fine examples of what can happen when we dig deep.
When it comes to rubgy, we seem to flag a little. I suggest that rugby is so close to the core of out national psyche, that we feel too deeply. I hear commentators talking about how the result could even affect the election--- hell what a stupid basis to decide who misgoverns us. Then I hear on TV today about how so many NZers are betting for Australia to win. OK--- just chuck it away my friends.
Now---- get a little balance. Life goes on despite the game and all the hype that surrounds it. That's my balanced side talking, but that little devil sitting on my shoulder is saying---'yeah right---  you're just like the rest of us--- lose and life sucks.'
Come on everyone--- get out there to the Fan Zones and soak it all up. The sun will rise again, after the final whistle and we have a wonderful country--- win or lose.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roskill is coming

What happens when a father enters the world of `P'? Does his family just accept it or do they find their own solutions? What does James do, the son? His sister, Lucy finds solace in the chatrooms. What are your teenagers doing now? Perhaps your partner is like John. We all have choices, but what would you do?

Order your copy and watch out for media releases. Ask your local library if they have a copy?   new website
ROSKILL----COMING MID-OCTOBER  Price NZ$38 plus postage


Saturday, October 1, 2011


ROSKILL has finally gone to print and I shall recieve my first copies in mid-October.

ROSKILL is a story of our times. When the Campton family arrives from Christchurch to begin a new life in Mt Roskill, things don't go to plan. John (Dad) quickly becomes enmeshed in the world of 'P' and his family falls apart. His teenage children find solace in chatrooms and street gangs. Moana (Mum) seeks the help of her estranged family in Papatoetoe and comes up with a plan that borders on the illegal.

ROSKILL can be purchased direct from me, via my e-mail address. If you want multiple copies (at a discount) go to my website and purchase through my publisher  and follow the link.