Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love my job ----but

Yes, I love my job, but on days like this, when I can take my time about facing the day, choose whatever I want to do, with whom ever I want to be with (as long as they invite Perdy of course) and go where ever I wish.

I slept in a little (until seven) and had my breakfast (fried eggs on my homemade bread----I don't think my doctor reads this!, but hey what comes next alleviates that a little) and then consulted Perdy about where she would like to go.

'Grrrr--- anywhere--- just get me out of here,' she barked, looking menacingly at the couch. Mmmm--- I am not getting the new one until I know she has outgrown the tendency to embark on 'chewable art.'

As soon as we started driving, she set up her whining and barking. I think she is saying---'Hurry up--- can't you drive faster--- you know I havn't had my morning pooo yet,' but after a change in dierection, away from the beach we usually go to, she settled and watched the changing view. I drove to the Three Kings Reserve, only to find that the car park was out of action. No worries, we just parked along the road a bit. Perdy did her usual pulling, making it hard ot release the tie from the saftey belt. She pulled me along into the park and once past the main entrance I released her and watched her fly up the path to sniff at some unknown dog's privates. Thank God humans don't do that! The owner of the other dog (I think it was an SPCA special, full of love and unkown potential). Perdy's not a snob and  it only took a few seconds for the two to run off, leaving me to to talk to the owner. I have found that the huge majority of dog owners are more than happy to chat: indeed I have made some wonderful new friends in the last six months, because of Perdy.

I decided that I would take the full circuit of the mountain. I had been saying for several weeks that I needed to add some hill-work into my usual walks. A few minutes later, I knew I wasn't fit, but was determined not to give up. However, I also deicided that I wouln't go to the top. That could wait until tomorrow. Once step at a time with getting fitter eh. My approach has to be better than sttiing on my proverbial --- like--- anything is better than  that.

 The view across to the other mountains was lovely, for an urban view that is. The working quary provided a contrasting view with background stage noise. Damn--- why did they have tlo open up such a huge ugly hole? What stupid council ever gave permission for that? Oh well, at least the other two mounts are still there, even if one of them has been taken over by housing.

Perdy didn't give a stuff about all that. She was far more interested in stealing another dog's ball, and then running off as if to say--'come on--- chase me.' Now you know why I always have a spare ball in the car to swap for the balls she steals and loses. luckilly, I had remmbered to bring her special ball to encourage her to give up the stolen trophy. All was well as she mouthed the slimy green ball.

(To be continued--- why?    I want to go to lunch with a friend---LOl)

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  1. Neil you should get a pedometer so you can keep an eye on how many steps you do and also note of the time you started and finished. Maybe also write down where you walk so you can tell next time or in the future. As well as how you feel before and afterwards. This way you will be able to tell on how fit you are and record how you did.
    Then you can tell in the future by finalizing the results to see if you can do any better and set yourself some targets to try to reach.