Monday, October 10, 2011

Will the world end?

I never thought that I would ever write a blog about rugby. Yes, I listen to all the conversations in the staff room and various other settings, Yes, I make comments(no doubt pretty unimoformed) and soak up the atmosphere. I have seen those who are just 'over it all' perking up a bit as we get to the hard end of the 'Cup.'
Of course there is all the talk about NZ 'choking' again. God, that makes me mad. Talk about willing something to happen. Is it that we lack that 'killer instinct' our Aussie cousins seem to possess? Is that the difference between our two nations? Maybe it's the generally tougher envirnonment that has made us differ in our response to a challenge?
Of course there are many examples of how we don't give up. Take the Americas Cup campaign and maybe the soccer team and the Breakers. They are fine examples of what can happen when we dig deep.
When it comes to rubgy, we seem to flag a little. I suggest that rugby is so close to the core of out national psyche, that we feel too deeply. I hear commentators talking about how the result could even affect the election--- hell what a stupid basis to decide who misgoverns us. Then I hear on TV today about how so many NZers are betting for Australia to win. OK--- just chuck it away my friends.
Now---- get a little balance. Life goes on despite the game and all the hype that surrounds it. That's my balanced side talking, but that little devil sitting on my shoulder is saying---'yeah right---  you're just like the rest of us--- lose and life sucks.'
Come on everyone--- get out there to the Fan Zones and soak it all up. The sun will rise again, after the final whistle and we have a wonderful country--- win or lose.