Saturday, September 5, 2015

Consumating my 'relationship' with------

OMG you say. Has it taken that long? What on earth have you been doing all your life? Are you such a 'later bloomer' that you held on so long---to your innocence; that your journey lacked such titillation and pleasure? Now you are about to caress the smooth, clearly defined object of your desire. Yes, In know you have wondered how I filled my days, in times gone by; how I could observe others take so much guilt-free pleasure, day after day, some losing their 'friends' way too early, others straying from the fold, only to do it all again. I have been patient and now----on this cloudy day that only shows slivers of promise of things to come, I shall put aside my fears and jump into the conjugal bed and USE my new Gold Card. We will activate it TODAY!!!!!!