Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 'Mother' of all conspiracy theories!

Take this in any way you wish; be it as a cynical, crazy, non-PC or an insulting piece of writing. I don’t mind, just so long as it focuses your thoughts on the ‘roots’ that drive the refugee/’boat people’ issue that besets Australia.
There is an obscure piece of history that links Australia very closely with New Zealand; indeed even allows for the possibility of New Zealand requesting to be part of Australia. I may not have worded this fact in a manner that is precise enough for the ‘to the letter’ buffs, so forgive me for that transgression.
Therein lays the possible solution for Australia’s dilemma! Sure, the Aussies don’t have a land border like the USA does with its southern neighbour, allowing thousands to attempt the ‘crossing every day, but it is in close proximity to e ‘conduit, a very dangerous one that has become a magnet for many disillusioned, economically deprived and desperate people. These people are aided and by unscrupulous ‘people movers’ who have become rich from other peoples’ misery.
Australia has sought a variety of solutions, the latest being simply moving those who manage to get as far as being ‘rescued’ to be sent to PNG. This may seem like a solution, but in itself it merely moves the problem onto another country, which can hardly be seen as a satisfactory destination. Maybe that is what the Australians are trying to ‘put out there.’ Try to enter Australia illegally and you may well be sent to a third-world country that is not necessarily safe for you----in other words don’t come!
I often wonder if the Aussies have considered pushing New Zealand to invoke that old piece of law that allows for NZ to become part of Australia (Perhaps it was part of NSW?) and then it has the perfect solution. Just send all the boat people to NZ, with the proviso that they cannot enter ‘mainland (including Tasmania) Australia at any future point. That amounts to creating a second class Aussie citizen but protects Australia-proper for further encroachment.
They wouldn’t dare, would they?
Think back to other sneaky Aussie actions. The list is long, starting with the imbalance in how we treat each other when we enter one another’s’ country, for example, the ‘allowances that we give to Aussies but are not reciprocated when we go there. It us a very uneven playing field.
 I rest my conspiracy-laced, insensitive and Non-PC case.
PS   If you took this too seriously, maybe you have a ‘problem.’ Well-------