Monday, January 9, 2012

Bossy Bitch

OMG--- it's 'take me for a walk---now!'
If I don't Prime Minister Perdy makes life hell for me and her resources are huge. Her lopsided glance is enough to melt my heart, but the threat of what she is truley capable of, is just below the surface.
The implication of some of those looks leaves little doubt in my mind that I should get off my butt and just 'do it.'
I have made an interesting discovery about Auckland and its parks. I am blessed to be living within a few minutes drive of quite a few. Take the beach just a kilometer away. It's the beach that features in the first story in Coastal Yarns. Instead of driving to the bottom beach, I park in the upper car park and there is an 'off leash' area that leads down to a secluded beach, that on a nice day may well be a 'swimming' beach for us both--- no prying eyes--- thats more for my benefit than Perdy's.
Then there is Kieth Hay Park. What a lovley park--- well over two kilometers of flat walking. Sure it's on the leash, but Perdy pretends that she's free- She get's these funny looks from people, who think they know her from 'somewhere.' Of course when it comes to toileting, she demands that I shield her from the Paparazi.
Today we found another gem. There is a beautiful park just off Hillsborough Road with a beautiful old mansion along with a huge undulating green expanse of lawn with huge tress. I sat with Perdy, after panting up the gentle hill and looked out over the Manukau Harbour. While I gathered my breath, Perdy sat there waiting patiently for me to recover, whilst she surveyed the view. I am sure she made a comment about 'all the people who had voted for her being down there.'
Tomorrow it's back to the lagoon and maybe a second walk in Cornwall Park/One Tree Hill. We shall both have to be on our best behaviour there eh.  That little blob in the centre of the picture is Perdy. The bigger blob is invisable because he was taking the picture!