Monday, August 18, 2014

Prostitutes and leaks--how low has NZ politics really sunk to!?

If prostitution is 'one of the oldest professions' and you add in politics, then I say the two have actually gone together under different formats for as long as people have sought to control, to seek power and to gain the upper hand by seeking out information on one's opponents.It should come as no surprize that we have heard about allegations of the above activities by leaking information via the questionable actions of Slater, the 'whale blogger.' Every day we are waking up to yet more news that Slater has indeed been active for quite some time in this twilight world of 'dirty politics,' yet he claims innocnence and that others are doing it too. New Zealand is not exempt from what we have assumed is the domain of politicians and power brokers elsewhere; it is happenning everywhere.It has probably existed in one form or another for as long as New Zealand has had a 'western sytle of politics'(and before then?). Sex is a very convenient tool when it comes to control and the desire to rule! Yes, we have seen some 'below the belt' actions and alleged nasty and dirty politics. Nicky Hager is well known for bringing issues to the fore and even though a large number of NZers will simply shrug off the accusations, they will not go away. The election is shaping up to be the dirtiest in NZ's history. One can only hope that on the day, that policy will still be a major driving force in how people make up their minds as to where to place their 'ticks.'

Ukraine---you have joined the top ten on my reading list. Welcome!

I have noticed an increase re Ukraine readers but this morning I saw that you are now number ten on my list, replacing South Korea in that spot. Sometimes my posts have been critical of your government but more often they lament the terrible events, particularly in the East of your country. I shall continue to watch and comment and hope that peace returns and you can rebuild your economy and heal the wounds caused by the 'struggle.'