Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An open letter to Mr Peters. Let's have an end to this 'drip feeding' of the dirt on Judith Collins!

Dear Mr Peters,
I have often admired your style re, presenting issues that need to be exposed in Parliament. You have done this for many years and sometimes hit pay-dirt, but your latest attempts to deal the death-blow to Judith Collins leave me wondering if you actually have the ‘goods.’ You have drip-fed bits and pieces of information that are usually already ‘out there.’ What are you trying to achieve by drawing out this messy process? I am no supported of the said lady and I too would like to see her and the rest of the government well and truly consigned to history.
BUT---the way you are trying to achieve this is not hitting the mark. Please---either present or give up. Get back to the real job of presenting new policies that can help New Zealand become the fair nation we once recognised; one in which more people had access to education, jobs, good health care and safe housing. Let’s talk about regional development so that Auckland stops being a huge cauldron, sucking the life-blood out of the rest of NZ.
The games that politicians are playing, and you are very good at that (but thank you for the great work you have done re the Gold Card etc.) are not helping New Zealand progress. Yes, I accept that politics can be dirty and that the National Party will take every opportunity to denigrate anything about you they can find, but would you not gain more respect if you returned to a style that presents new possibilities to New Zealanders to consider? Do that, and you might even get my vote.