Thursday, March 5, 2015

When are people going to get the message about the consequences for dealing in drugs in SEA?

The prisoner 'swap' swap idea was never going to grow legs! Why on earth would Indonesia, put all the publicity about the 'costs of exection' and various other related expences in the public domain, then agree to a very expensive swap of three Indonesian prisoners in Australian jails? From a purely economic point of view that doesn't make sense! Mnd you---there are many factors that leave a bad taste on ones mouth. Take for instance the macabre pictures of Indonesian army members posing for pictures with the 'condemned' men. A bit sick, don't you think? But that still leaves the fact that after al the media attention, one would think that 'people' would get the point that dealing in drugs, leads to a pretty 'one way' furture in South East Asia--a long prison stay with a date with a bullet at the end of the day! Bali Nine: Executions could be delayed, but no prisoner swap - World - NZ Herald NewsThe executions of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan could be further delayed, but Indonesia's president has said no way to a prisoner swap offer. - New Zealand CancelShare LinkPublicPublicPublicLimit audience by: Limit audience by: Location / LanguagePublic.