Friday, May 27, 2011

how Could she?

Well I finally worked out how to get a picture of Perdy on here. When I was walking the other day with all of my lovely ladies and their dogs, we noticed Perdy shiffing around in a flaxbush. Next minute, she came running out with her trophy, closely followed by her firns, Finn and Stella. There was no way that Perdy was going to give up the fish, even though its almost as big as her. In the end I caught her and relived her of the smelly prize. What a watse eh. If it was fresh, it would have been a good meal.
Perdy continues to make me walk her everyday (twice a day in the weekend) and the weight is cooming off. She's my little doctor as well as friend.

Only a jack Russell

I tried to upload a picture today. It won't work. Maybe it was i used an image from my cellphone. I thought I had it sussed. I took this wonderful picture on my cellphone, then snet it to my e-mail. It arived OK but when it came to uploading it on her, well it just won't work, Damn.
Oh well-- I will just have to describe it then.
I was out on my usual walk after work with the lovley ladies (can't call Perdy a lady yet-- she's just turned one) and all of a sudden Perdy appeared from behind some flax bushes (are they bushes? mmm. She then proceded to run past her friends, Finn and Stella (great names for dogs eh?). They immedialtly