Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ex-Tangaroa College 'kids' are helping out big time! Thanks for pushing ROSKILL.

Kids---hell, some of you have hit the magic 50 and while I will always be 'Radar' to you, then you will always be the kids for me. I even have the privilege of working with one of you (she knows who she is) and working with your kids and soon your grand kids. At this stage I expect that I shall probably receive a bit of a ribbing on  Facebook!
A huge thanks to Karen for her wonderful review of ROSKILL. It is these reviews that make all the difference and although the download on Kindle for ROSKILL has not been huge, I don't mind. Rome may have not been built in a day so my 'Romanesque' attempts may also come to fruition one day. If you have a Kindle or a tablet and other reading Apps just go to my website www.authorneilcoleman.com then click on the Book shop then  the Kindle version of ROSKILL. There is also an APP you can download if you don't have a Kindle. Please write a review in the option provided if you can. That makes a big difference to me. Thanks again my friends, for your support, be it in thoughts, actions or comments. You can even help by passing on the link to my site to your 'groups, circles and contacts.

This is what Ron Phillips, author of Gem Of The First Water, said about Roskill---Read on.

Here is an endorsement written by Ron Phillips, author of 'Gem Of The First Water,' said about ROSKILL.

Neil knows about the youth of today. As a long serving school guidance counsellor at one of South Auckland's larger high schools, he hears the stories of today's adolescents. Neil's experience has given him empirical insight into the minds, nature and behaviours of our youth. His knowledge brings Roskill alive; a compelling read with a page-turning plot, supported by authentic dialogue and wonderful snippets of New Zealand culture and Auckland City life. Neil has written a brilliant novel suitable for both young and old. Without hesitation I recommend Neil Coleman's first novel.

Ron Phillips, author of 'Gem Of The First Water.'

Go to my website, www.authorneilcoleman.com to follow the link to Ron's website and details about his books.

Solar oven, now nudging 100C

Watch this space. Maybe I am finally going to be able to cook some 'man food,' in my solar oven. All I need is for the temperature to reach about 110C and maintain that level for at least three hours and I will be cooking meat. I can then play 'survivalist,' with the big boys and go out into the wilds and play frames. Hell, all I need to do then is shoot a few deer and rabbits, skin them and cook them up in my oven. Nah, that's not my style, so look to reading that I boiled some water and maybe cooked up a 'butcher-prepared meat or chicken.' Bet the feckin clouds come out stuff up my efforts. I suspect that it will be well into October before I finally get consistently higher readings on the little thermometer in the oven. Amazing events eh! I shall open bottle of bubbly when  I achieve my goals!