Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Solar oven, now nudging 100C

Watch this space. Maybe I am finally going to be able to cook some 'man food,' in my solar oven. All I need is for the temperature to reach about 110C and maintain that level for at least three hours and I will be cooking meat. I can then play 'survivalist,' with the big boys and go out into the wilds and play frames. Hell, all I need to do then is shoot a few deer and rabbits, skin them and cook them up in my oven. Nah, that's not my style, so look to reading that I boiled some water and maybe cooked up a 'butcher-prepared meat or chicken.' Bet the feckin clouds come out stuff up my efforts. I suspect that it will be well into October before I finally get consistently higher readings on the little thermometer in the oven. Amazing events eh! I shall open bottle of bubbly when  I achieve my goals!

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