Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's a dogs' life---thank goodness because I am a dog! The names, Perdy!

I know quite a few dogs and I can honestly say that not all of them have a life like mine. I get to go out a lot and sometimes when I am walking in a very polite and 'controlled' manner along the road with one of my masters (Well that's what they think they are, so lets not upset them eh) I see some dogs that never get to explore even the closest parts of their neighbourhood. I am lucky, but don't go telling those who think they are the boss that; I don't want them assuming that 'enough is enough' for me. Enough is NEVER enough!
I listen to my 'masters' discussing their plans for the day and if I am not included, then it's war. Firstly I set up this penetrating bark that I know wears them down. I actually practice on the neighbours when the masters are away at work. I let them go to work because, hey, someone has to bring home the bacon and yes, I do eat bacon.
I know the signs. Work means them getting dressed up a but; not those scrappy grey pants they wear. God, I wouldn't be seen dead in those! BUT, sometimes I get confused because one of them seems to get dressed up a lot more now that he is a skinny bugger.
Take Saturday for example: They both got dressed up and they were mucking around in the kitchen getting all this food prepared. You name it, they cooked it and it was damned spicy. I've seem them do this before--that usually means we are going for a trip. I always make sure they know I want to go to by barking even louder. I relax, just a bit once they stick me in the car and when they put in my special rug, I know it's going to be a long trip. Of course they then have to take me for a quick run so I can do what  girl's got to do---you the toilet! They know that if they don't---I FART IN THE CAR.
Saturday was one of those days I love---going away for the whole day. That means special treats. lots of runs and walks and if I act 'restless,' I even manage to get extra outings. To achieve that, I just jump on the furniture at the places we visit. I know that's a 'no no,' so one of them has to take me out so that I 'let off steam.' Man--are they dumb. I really do have their number.
Well, on Saturday, we took a trip to Hamilton and on the way, we picked up my mate, Angel. Her name is so true, because she is never naughty. I have to make up for the both of us! She's real sweet and she seems to have won over one of my masters, but, I'm not jealous. We both love going to that cool place in Hamilton. In the summer, there is even a swimming pool. Mind you, I don't like to stay too long and on the way home to Auckland, I make sure they let me out. So, I get driven around and if I get bored, I just go to sleep, but not for long---I hate to miss anything.
As long as life continues life this, I will be happy. I reckon I have my masters just where ZI want them---doing everything that is focussed on me, me and me! Is that selfish? Course not----I'm a loveable Jack Russell. Check out the pictures of those who must 'obey me.'
Ain't life great!  My pool.
'Master' and 'Cousin,' Barbara.
Fat master, before he got skinny! (Striped busting out t-shirt!)
Hey, go click on the website and download his book
Me, playing 'mysterious girl.'
My mate, Angel
Aunty Janice---she's skinnier too now!

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