Saturday, July 20, 2013

Goodbye beautiful Crown Lynn!

Yes the items are all for sale. I am trying to finance my latest venture to get my books onto Kindle; that is the re-edited versions. That costs heaps so out go my 'treasures.' I have heaps more and yes you can ask questions and even buy them. They will appear on Trade Me over the next few days but you can contact me direct if you wish, by going through my website and emailing me. There is a bit of 'Depression Glass' on there too. If you don't know about Crown Lynn, then this is not for you. I once had a garage sale where I had a CL dinner set for sale with 50 on it. The silly lady thought it was 50cents---must have been a 'rapper,' eh! Of course I should have put the $ sign on it!
I have 4 of these trios.
Ain't that pretty---1970's

So----don't we all have our favourite 'stance' re sleeping!?

Hi ya. I had a busy day yesterday and well----I fell asleep after dinner and somebody I know took this picture of me. How embarrassing! He took no account t of my dignity or my reputation with my millions of fans. Just like they said about Britney---'Leave Perdy alone.!' Mind you, I am such a forgiving Jack Russell, except for cats of course, so I shall be off today on another adventure. Mmm, I wonder where 'he' is taking me. I hope there's heaps of things to sniff out and chase. I think I will jump up on people who are wearing expensive clothing. Damn, that makes me laugh when they squeal out. Hey, who in their right mind wears 'haut couture' (Yes, I can use other languages too---I'm, a jack Russell!) to a muddy beach? It's true---maybe they're trying to pick up a trick eh?  I know, I shouldn't know about such things, but you would be surprised what I have seen in my three years. right, before we go, I am going to see if I convince one of my masters (That's who they think they are--lol) that I haven't been fed! Don't you dare laugh at my 'pose!'