Friday, May 15, 2015

Death penalty for the Boston Bomber!

I have a problem with the death penalty, especially in nations where corruption is the norm. Recent cases re a 'not so far away neighbour,' come to mind. I also feel very strongly about individuals who construct a bomb and cause the death of innocent bystanders. So many people are affected and they have to face the daily reality that a loved one has been taken from them. How someone arrives at a position whereby they think that their cause outweighs the rights of others to enjoy life, and then goes on to cause the deaths of so many people, is beyond me. Taken to extremes, we see the actions of extreme grouping of such people, in the form of ISIS, Boko Haram and others. I acknowledge those who think nations states, too, are not above such actions! Today the judge and jury handed down the death penalty to the surviving Boston Bomber. No doubt we will see appeals to this decision, and the suffering of family members will continue. This of course would not happen in countries where the right of appeal is one that is not so clear, as in China. I live in a country where we do not have the death penalty. I am sure that may would agree that if such an action occur in New Zealand, then the death penalty would be appropriate. So far, we have not seen our streets made so unsafe for our citizens. Let's hope and for those who do, pray that we never do! I close by asking you to think of the victims and all those who love them. Now, a young man must come to terms with his evil deeds and ----well---that's over to him.