Friday, October 12, 2012

Frankfurt Book Fare--I should have been there!

The Frankfurt Book Fare was a highlight for me last year, when Coastal yarns was exhibited. Unfortunately I could get Roskill there this year because I just didn’t have the time to get the book re-edited and issued with the ISBN number. I have learnt a huge amount about the hard world of self-publishing, so at least I have that to be thankful for.
The road will still be rocky, but with luck hard work and sheer bloody mindedness, I shall be there next year with ‘Talk To Me and maybe the first part of Sons Of Orpheus. Thanks to all those people who are helping me and for not tiring of my in-your-face pushing of my books. Hell, if I don’t who will!

Welcome Pakistan---our thoughts are with you!

Great to see you Pakistan! I know I have been talking about Malala alot latley, but that is because her story has really moved me, as I am sure it has many in your nation and around the world. NZ and Pakistan are friends in our shared love of cricket and hockey. Now we can add another importnat link; the love of freedom, both within our countries and from those who would try to dominate our Governmental policies. My wish for you is that you get through this hard time and come out the other side, stronger and more resilient in your struggle to build a fairer society, free of extremes and inequality.
Kia Kaha---(all strength to you)

Pakistan---this is the 'turning point.'

A brave young woman, names Talala has taken Pakistan to the point where no one else has managed to do---the actions of this individual has galvanized a section, the majority section of Pakistani society to take a stand—for decency, tolerance and opportunity for the females of Pakistan.
Even your famous Mrs Bhutto paid a price and didn’t manage to raise Pakistan from the mire of religious extremism. Talala has put her life at risk, all in the name of fairness and empowering one half of a county that has not partaken fully in the life of this proud nation.
The block to a new beginning is the very existence of the Taliban; an organization that would doom Pakistan into the Pol Pot-like country of Asia. Until now, the majority of Pakistan’s population has been too frightened to take on the power of this insidious group. Whilst it is not alone in its opposition to progress in Pakistan, the Taliban is nothing more than a blight on the aspirations of not just Pakistan, but its neighbours and beyond.
History has taught us that these organizations do not fade into the background--- they actually replicate themselves as forces that are anti-humane, whereby the power is held in the hands of a despotic elite and anti-female echelon.
Pakistan, you are part of the Commonwealth of Nations, an organization that at its best purports to hold the dignity of all as its main premise. The existence of such groups as the Taliban does nothing to hold this ideal paramount.
The day will come when Pakistan will be able to hold its head high amongst nations.

New Zealand book-lovers---Do you want a good deal on my books!

If you want a good deal on my three books, Check out Trade Me. I have heavily discounted the first printings of ‘Coastal Yarns’ and ‘Roskill’ because I have newly released (With new covers and ISBN numbers) these titles as part of my taking back control of my books (A very necessary action). My new book, ‘Talk To Me’ will also be discounted soon. It is available now on Trade Me.
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Broadband price wars---feedback please!

I note the headline in the NZ Herald this morning about Broadband price wars. Is this really true? Have any of you made the move in response to claims that it is possible to get a better deal. I went to the Orcon website and looked at the plans. At first glance, it looked good, but as I scrolled down the page, I notice ‘add-ons’ that of added up started to look like what I have already got.
I have been with the same company for many years and I have to admit that I have always found it hard to jump to another company. This goes for banking and other services as well. I did ring up my back a few months ago and managed to negotiate a reduction in my mortgage interest rates, so I guess I can make the moves when I need to.
What I wish to know is----does Orcon provide at least as good a service as ‘Telecom?’ Can one get that discount for SKY TV (it is rather small though, and it makes paying the bill sort of fragmented---why don’t they just take the complete bill and give a discount rather than just for the ‘start-up’ part?)
OK, I think you have an understanding of my main concerns. I would want to know from people who have already made the move, if they have found it to be cost-effective’ and one that provides excellent service.’
Please comment in that section for my blog. It won’t just be me wanting to know and I am sure I am not the only ‘old fuddy duddy’ who finds it hard to break the so-called ‘loyalty yoke.’

Malala---it is not just the non-Muslim world watching!

A small brave young woman has stirred the consciences of millions around the world. This incredible person has shown us that despite being gunned down, her cause will continue. Her stand for ‘girls’ education in Pakistan, and by extension for all girls, no matter the religion, is a powerful one.
The Muslim world has been stung into action and given a challenge. Leaving a huge section of the population of a country uneducated is crazy, illogical and has no standing in any of the ‘Holy’ books. That the Taliban says that such a stance is anti-Islam must sicken the vast majority of Muslims. The sacrifice that Malala has made is and must continue to inspire other young girls to strive for an education; one that is free of extremist views.
The responsibility of the majority of Muslims to turn against extremist mediaeval views of certain sections of Islam is a heavy one. Tolerance and peace are qualities that must reassert themselves and that can only be done when Governments in tandem with the people join together to make it happen.
It is not up to the USA and ‘friends’ to force change. Such change can only happen from within. It is then the task of the nations of the world to reach out, not impose foreign solutions. There are many millions of Malalas out there. It is their bravery that will stimulate the change from within, played out on a national scale and supported by the world community.
All strength and best wishes to Malala and her family.

Could Labour really stitch up a deal with the Greens and NZ First?

My goodness, things really have changed. Who would have thought that the Greens, Labour and NZ First could co-exist in Parliament, to the point that they are almost looking like a credible alternative Government. Only time will tell whether Winston can hold it together and not lose it by clenching to old grievances or letting his suspicions of left-leaning policies make it all become unstuck.
I have been surprised at the way the three parties seem to be working together in a manner we have not witnessed before. I wonder if a ‘logjam’ will be let loose and the ‘good old days’ of internecine warfare will prevail, chopping the ideals of co-operation down and returning us to what we had come to expect from the three parties. That they have gone for so long without major problems is indicative of a ‘Government in waiting.’
Key has done nothing to stop this growing spectre and if he does not come up with a plan to thwart the ambitions of his opposition, then we may be on the verge of a ‘worm-turning’ event in New Zealand’s political scene.
One wonders if the three ‘friends’ will be able to hold it together. Now is the time where we will see the ‘real Key’ and it may not be pretty. Watch out for some nasty examples of character bashing or other devious plots. Mind you, National alone does not own that particular ploy!