Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sons of Orpheus News!

Yes ... all three books will be on Amazon Kindle, along with print versions. I am in the process of preparing Books Two and Three. Both books have been written and just need a little editing. The covers are being prepared, then we will launch Book Two (Title to be decided)
 Our heroes become more involved in the new business, relationships become more intense and take a surprising, unexpected turn. Tensions build and events in New Plymouth influence the dramatic build-up to the final book.
Make sure you download (or order, very soon, a print copy) of Sons of Orpheus, Book ! ... The Arrival.
Just Google Sons of Orpuesu by Neil Coleman on KIndle and the link will take you directly to the Amazon site and the free App will be available for you to read my books (including Roskill and Talk To Me)

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