Thursday, August 25, 2016

One gets the very best advice on the Coast!

Every day I seem to hear a great tale or receive a piece of very god advice. Today was particularly interesting and possibly very good for 'our' health, in the first case.

   You may remember our little white Toyota Tercel got rammed in Auckland last week. I took the car to the panel beater down here in Thames and started the process off to get it back on the road. The car is drive-able but the back hatch doesn't lock. OK, so we were told to contact the firm this week and when i did today,Ii was informed that there is a huge line-up for the assessors and a few other issues. It doesn't really matter, given that the car is safe. This is where some very sage advice was really appreciated on our part from the company.
   When I called in to the panel beater today (That was only about one kilometre donw the road---Jeeze I love the convenience of not having to travel fat for service!) I leaned about having to wait, but his concern re the back hatch was re the possibility of fumes coming into the car and possibly causing carbon monoxide poisoning. The danger is that one may not know that this is happening. I was advised to keep the windows shut and to turn on the heater at low or  use the air conditioning, to keep the car ventilated. I would have opened the windows but he said that that only increased the flow of the fumes across the nose.

   He also advised us to keep a milk based drink in the car, because that counteracts carbon monoxide poisoning! I intend to find out more, because his words brought back memories of driving a car in the past, whereby I had nearly fallen asleep. As it turned out, the car had a leaking manifold, if memory serves me correctly and I well remember the things I did to stay awake, ranging from open windows, slapping my face and drinking coffee. How stupid---on reflection. I'd love some feedback on my 'explanations, because sometimes I get it wrong.

   My other story: Read my next blog!

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