Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pussy Riot---the other side of the story.

I have recently blogged about the travesty of justice surrounding the Pussy Riot incident. My reasoning was that it is not only about Pussy Riot, but also the deeper issue of free speech within the Russian Federation and the Putinization that seems to be happening. The warning signs are all there about the resurgence of a State that puts little value on then right of its citizens to criticise their government.
There is another side to the Pussy Riot stunt in the church. This is not the first time this band has tried to hog the limelight and hence benefit from the publicity. They have been involved in group orgies at museums and trying to kiss policewomen on the underground railway, all in an attempt to garner a wider following.
Some commentators have said that once the two year prison sentence has been completed, no doubt Pussy Riot will go on a world tour and make millions. Maybe the two year sentence is but a small price to pay for the resulting wealth.
A cynical view perhaps and one that could focus us away from the greater debate about a Russia heading towards the past. I’m just trying to keep a balanced view. Go to RT for an ‘alternate view.