Sunday, April 19, 2015

Terror on the seas driven by terror on land! Yet another ship goes down off Libya.

Today we awake to the terrible news of possibly another 600 plus people, lost at sea off the coast of Libya. The Italian Navy and Coast Guard have yet again arrived on a scene of terrible loss as a group of people, trying to escape lives that are worse than the risk of being drowned at sea, trying to escape it. In the last week alone more than 10,000 refugees have arrived in various ports in Italy and many others have died in making the attempt to find a better life in Europe. These desperate people are escaping from the threat of violence, shattered economies and failed states. Much of the first response falls upon Italy, a nation that is reaching a point where its efforts will be completely swamped. The rest of Europe seems to be looking away from the problem, as if they sense that it is too much for them. They fear the influx of the refugees for a variety of reasons, not the least being the possible intake of Jihadists or members of ISIS. They may not say so, but that is part of the issue they face. In the meantime, Italy struggles to fill the gap, knowing that just over the horizon, countless thousands, if not millions of refugees await their turn to take the plunge---they will do anything to escape lives that are ---not worth living. The issue will not go away. Unless conditions in those nations ‘feeding the flow,’ improve vastly, then the deluge can only grow. Tine to pull your heads from the sand—Europe—and the rest of the world.