Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ireland---I always wanted you to 'read me.'

Ireland, now that you have started, please don't stop. I love that fact tht you have doscoverd my world of blogging and books. There is such a strong link between both parts of Ireland and New Zealand, with mnay people claiming Irish heretagae, but then agian, what country couldn't do that? I suspect that the lonk goes via mnay aspects; inclding our shared humour love of singing and of course the----well the less said about that the better---good old fashioned boozing! If that doesn't get a resposnse from the PC brigade, then I don't know what will! I would love to hear from you and better stil, I want some feedback on my book, ROSKILL. GO look it up on my website --- www.authorneilcoleman.com and follow the links to either download it or but it via Amazon. Hearing from you soon. Neil

'It's the final countdown. It's true I really mean it'---said Key!

Odds on that's what we will hear later today as Judith Collins has yet another melt-down! Maybe she associated just too closely with John Key and she has caught his 'deficiency' of memory. It’s either that or ‘at the end of the day’ she is covering up for the closeness in her relationship with Slater. Those three along with a few of their hangers on make for quite a little powerhouse of lies, lies, misinformation and dammed more of the same, whilst pretending to care about new Zealand. Does John Key wake up every morning and take a long look at a picture of Hawaii and wish that he was there, soaking the sun in an effort to rid himself of ‘what he has forgotten?’ Maybe he wishes he was back in the days of making money, speculating with other peoples’ money whilst getting really rich himself. Oh---isn’t that what he’s still doing? Maybe that’s a bit unfair so let’s rephrase that: He’s setting us up so that New Zealand is for sale to the highest bidder---bet his eye is on Air New Zealand. I wonder which ‘mate’ he has let know about that little bucket of gold! And he retains his followers! That is what gets me. New Zealanders are so gullible as to believe that he has ‘our best interest at heart.’ When are those are same people going to wake up and smell the ‘aviation fuel’ of our leaders plans!? It will be too late by then. Oh well, the latest blurb ‘out there’ is that ‘Paula Benefit’ will take u the reins when he departs our shores. Won’t that be a rosy picture for New Zealand? It seems out pain never ends.

Key---the 'final, final and yet another final ' warning to you know who----

Here we go again. Ms Collins has been forced ti backtrack on yet another of her stupid lies. Even the NZ Herald is reporting her latest ‘truth burp.’ Has John Key had enough yet? Are we there yet—are we there yet, Mr Key? Are you going to rid yourself of this ‘iconic spinner of political Slaterisms?’ I think not, because Mr Key is between a rock and a hard place. Whatever he does makes his and the national party look---well like a bunch of lying cretins. Yes, they rule our country and you get a chance to have your say on September 20th. Expect some real nasty stuff to come out from those on the sinking ship, because desperation breeds something really low in humans---the fight to survive will transcend anything decent left in the National Party. How can its members justify the events of the last month or so? ---actually those ‘events’ were happening for quite a few years. It has only been the ‘expose’ from Hager that has shone the light upon the lowdown manner in which our leader and co. have treated us. Will National Party people just shut their eyes and blindly carry on in the hope that this will all go away? History tells us that most will do just that, but if enough of them face up to the truth about their leader and those surrounding him, then that will be enough for them to look to a different future for their party---that means ridding themselves of those who would support such actions as we have witnessed of late. Tome for a ‘back to the drawing board folks. But---- Something tells me that it will all be repeated, because wealth can go hand in hand with the subterfuge we have seen. Ms Collins---you need to stop now! Just resign and get it over with!

India---I see you are reading this blog in ever increasing numbers. Maybe you are catching up China!

I have been pleasantly surprised that China has rushed up the reading board for my blogs. They have overtaken the UK and if those numbers equated to book sales re ROSKILL, I would indeed be most happy. Of course I need you to download from Amazon for either hard-copy version of Roskill or the EBook version. Please note that if you buy the hard copy pone, you get a free download of the EBook. Now, I see that India is hitting my blog in increasing numbers. Why should I be surprised though? There are many more English speakers in India than any other nation on earth! India is also the home country for one of the biggest groups of people coming to live in NZ and given that---perhaps they are seeking information about ‘life in NZ.’ ROSKILL, of course represents a side of NZ that is not one we are proud of. The drug ‘P’ (Methamphetamine) is a scourge on NZ society, reaching into families, destroying relationships, jobs and finances. I wrote this book after hearing many stories from clients and reading about the havoc that this drug causes in our land. This issue is not limited to NZ---it is a world-wide problem! ROLSKILL is a story of hope, where none existed. It is a message of love and what a family can achieve when they get the right help. It is a story that all parents should read and teenagers too, because they need to know that help is available. ROSKILL features in the September issue of MiNDFOOD, a popular magazine that is mainly distributed in NZ and Australia but is available online. Look at pages 44 and 45 and read about my ‘other story’---my own journey with ‘obesity.’ AS always---go to www.authorneilcoleman.com to see more about ROSKILL and follow the links. Thanks India--- please share this with your friend and circles. Neil

Armenia---how did you find me?

My friends are sometimes quite cynical about the numbers of ocuntries reading my blog and when a nation like Armenia hits the scene and I sort of understand why. Is this as a result of a search engine and I have just 'come up,' or is it via some other random method? Either way, Armeneia you are most welcome along with other nations in the general region, like Belarus. I welcome feedback re my blog and of course encourage you to follow the links to my website and my books. Better still, download ROSKILL, my book about the drug 'P' as we call it in New Zealand and how it affects the life of a family. This could be in your country, in any city or town in the world. It is a book that every teenager should read and all parents. It bis a book about 'hope whne everything seems hopeless Go to the link www.authorneilcoleman.com and click on the links. Please share with your friends and circles.

Party political broadcasts---billboards---past use-by date?

It’s election time in NZ and as usual we have all the same old, same old methods of reaching out to the masses, in the name of ‘democracy. WE already know that most people always vote the same, no matter what their favourite son or daughter re politics has said of done. Only a relatively small minority are actually ‘swing’ voters, but this group do represent the real target for political adverting. WE have had the TV launches, which most people did not see as they were watching something else on TV---the rugby! Then we have the rubbish stuck in our letter boxes, much of which ends up in bins. We also have the spectre of those ugly billboards (Although Masa are a bit different and the greens are ‘pretty.’) you know---the ones that start off pristine but end up as either works of art, targets of funny arses or revolting examples of hate, indifference or kiddy-like drawings with moustaches. Do the latter make any difference to the way we vote? Do you really look at them and say---‘Gee, that’s a good point, I think I will vote for that party.’ Of course they don’t. They just become the targets of either the wind or dopey people having a bit of fun. Of course there are the examples of the more disturbing—take those eyes of Colin Craig that seem to ‘follow you around!’ I am quite glad that people have set up an improvement society to soften those particularly ugly billboards. Oops, now he will set up a camera to see who is doing it---hell he could always leave them in that trailer he leaves at a 30 minute parking zone all day, eh. So in this day and age of the NET, maybe we don’t need our streets filled with ‘targets for the bored.’ Let’s move on! www.authorneilcoleman.com

Steve Taylor---arrogant one law for us and another for you Conservative candidate!

This one takes the cake! Conservative Party candidate for out 'west,' decides he is above the law and needs proof that he has broken the law. This, from a hard-arsed candidate who wants the rule of law to be absolute! Give us a break, Steve. You parked the bloody trialer or whatever it was in a 30 miniute zone---all day and then have the gall to say that just because you didn't get an infringement notice, you have not broken any law. You, who would be so high and mighty re the transgressiosn of others whould look in the mirror of your own sanctimonious standards---you know---the ones you want us to follow! Your credibility is shot! God forbid that you become part of those who would rule us! Then again, you probably think HE is on your side too.