Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Armenia---how did you find me?

My friends are sometimes quite cynical about the numbers of ocuntries reading my blog and when a nation like Armenia hits the scene and I sort of understand why. Is this as a result of a search engine and I have just 'come up,' or is it via some other random method? Either way, Armeneia you are most welcome along with other nations in the general region, like Belarus. I welcome feedback re my blog and of course encourage you to follow the links to my website and my books. Better still, download ROSKILL, my book about the drug 'P' as we call it in New Zealand and how it affects the life of a family. This could be in your country, in any city or town in the world. It is a book that every teenager should read and all parents. It bis a book about 'hope whne everything seems hopeless Go to the link www.authorneilcoleman.com and click on the links. Please share with your friends and circles.

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