Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Key---the 'final, final and yet another final ' warning to you know who----

Here we go again. Ms Collins has been forced ti backtrack on yet another of her stupid lies. Even the NZ Herald is reporting her latest ‘truth burp.’ Has John Key had enough yet? Are we there yet—are we there yet, Mr Key? Are you going to rid yourself of this ‘iconic spinner of political Slaterisms?’ I think not, because Mr Key is between a rock and a hard place. Whatever he does makes his and the national party look---well like a bunch of lying cretins. Yes, they rule our country and you get a chance to have your say on September 20th. Expect some real nasty stuff to come out from those on the sinking ship, because desperation breeds something really low in humans---the fight to survive will transcend anything decent left in the National Party. How can its members justify the events of the last month or so? ---actually those ‘events’ were happening for quite a few years. It has only been the ‘expose’ from Hager that has shone the light upon the lowdown manner in which our leader and co. have treated us. Will National Party people just shut their eyes and blindly carry on in the hope that this will all go away? History tells us that most will do just that, but if enough of them face up to the truth about their leader and those surrounding him, then that will be enough for them to look to a different future for their party---that means ridding themselves of those who would support such actions as we have witnessed of late. Tome for a ‘back to the drawing board folks. But---- Something tells me that it will all be repeated, because wealth can go hand in hand with the subterfuge we have seen. Ms Collins---you need to stop now! Just resign and get it over with!

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