Thursday, January 23, 2014

Justin Bieber--are you becoming a boring spoilt prat or are you just like most other young guys---with money?

My heading begs the question. It must be hard for Justin to stay out of the headlines. Let's face it---a large number of young people follow his every move. Just how much this thrusts a responsibility on him to act in ways that are at least 'civil' in nature may be up for discussion. Does his 'fame' give him the right to act in a manner that is damn right stupid, against the law or above the law if one looks at his reactions to being 'reined' in by angry neighbours. Of course there is always the possibility that he is being 'targeted' every time he lets his hair down. But---he can not except to fly free of the charges that have been put on him re driving dangerously etc.. No one  should be driving with an expired licence or in a manner that endangers others. Lots of people do it but they eventually get their come-upance. Justin should expect no less. Yes, he is only about 19 years old and he is doing what many of his cohort do---acting out and just being a young person, enjoying himself. But---his actions are looking like those of an arrogant young twit who thinks he is above the laws that most of us follow. Send me hate-mail, Justin's followers, if you feel aggrieved for your 'favourite son,' but get a hand on reality. Your 'favourite' is going beyond normal behaviours and cannot hide behind his 'stature.' If he does, then he has joined the list of other 'badly behaved' stars and we have  become very bored with them too! Learn before it gets too late, Justin. It is your 'talent' that should shine, not your bad behaviour!