Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prince Charles says what many of us think, but ---should he?

Prince Charles is very much like dis dad—he says what he thinks, often causing embarrassment to those who easily succumbed to that state. The fact that he is heir to the British throne doesn’t seem to come not it—he keeps on keeping on. IN ay ways, that is what I like about him. Yeah—I know—one in his ‘position’ should be a little more diplomatic’ and swallow his real feelings. I say—no. Maybe we need to hear what someone in a high position really thinks and to hell with all the ‘aspects of diplomacy’ that often hinder honest discussion. Putin is a bully and he does keep the lid on any new-found-short-tem-freedoms,’ in Russia. He is a leader on a mission to re-invent the old Soviet Union, at least as far as its reach went! So---good you Prince Charles—tell it like it is. Putin is behaving in a similar manner to Hitler, minus some of the more extreme bits. He is fermenting a situation whereby he can go in and rescue those’ Russian-speaking minorities,’ all in the name of Russian expansionism.  Keep up the good work, Prince Charles and if we are lucky, the next in line to the ‘throne’ will carry on in the same manner. This is the real world—not the imaginary ‘Game of Thrones’ as seen on TV!

Tony Abbott underarm bowls the most vulnerable and scores an 'own goal!'

Is Tony Abbott an insensitive creep or just plain stupid? Are Australians so fickle that they vote in a leader on a ‘broken promise’ ticket but don’t see behind the fa├žade of that person who now leads them into---what? Have the days of ‘digging another hole’ to manage the Australian economy gone forever or this phase just that—a short term blimp for the ‘lucky country?’
Whatever the case, time will tell, but his ridiculous ‘wink’ to God knows who that was caught on camera speaks volumes about the man. What gets me is that Australians voted for him, believing that he was going to be a better option than the team he sent to the political ‘outback.’
Isn’t it incredible what a short period of time can do in politics—it seems that a few months is indeed a time when anything can and usually does happen. After just one budget delivery, the ‘man’ has become the enemy of far more people than he ever believed possible. If the polls are to be believed, he has lost the lead he had and would suffer a huge defeat if an election was held today, but then again, polls are not real unless they---are---an election one!
Australians were pretty much peeved at the shenanigans of the former Government, with leadership battles and mishandled policies like the ‘insulation fluff debacle’ and various other silly and possibly arrogant responses to issues of concern. That attitude seems to come to all who have been in power for long. Australia is not alone in that ‘political public perception trap.’
But---how can a leader so quickly have the tables turned---after a few months; to need to cancel appearances because his ‘journey’ so far in Government’ is so cast in controversy? I guess his own party and coalition partner see him as some sort of ‘brave hero,’ willing to take the ire of the public in the interest of the ‘country.’ That he seems to care little for those who did not vote for him is more than a little cynical; it is in the style of some other world leaders who also care little for what ‘anyone  thinks.’
Well, Mr Abbott, that wink may come back to haunt you. No one likes a bully (even other bullies!) and that is how you are perceived—as an uncaring and cynical bully. I think you have reinvented the ‘underarm bowl’ and presented it in a whole new light; a self-goal and one that no amount of smug ‘selfies’ will help. You must have been hanging around John Key, way too much.