Monday, September 29, 2014

The 'ex-president of Afghanistan's new haircut!

I know---I am being mean---but I just could not resist it! I was watching the news and I froze that picture and used my camera to take this picture from the TV and it made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Look closely at the President's head.LOL

China blocks the images coming out of Hong Kong--why?

The Chinese Government is not known for encouraging criticism of its hold on power. Those occasions when the citizens of China have tried to show their displeasure re the hold the regime has on them, quickly prove that a harsh response is always the 'order' for the day. Hong Kong has a quite different history from that of the rest of china; one that takes into account the freedoms that many other countries enjoy. Thus, when the citizens hit the streets in a manner resembling the 'Occupy Wall Street' type of political action, the Chinese Government is loath to let the rest of China see the pictures of 'polite chaos,' appear on TV screens or indeed any form of social media. I am a little surprised though that the 'action' is not out there on some social media sites. Such is the efficiency of the Chinese Government to curtail real freedom. I do understand that the Government does not want 'contagion,' a type of political Ebola,' that could start a movement that would be difficult to stop. China has always put the position of the Communist party as a paramount base of society and that order and state (for who?) being the major force in China. Hong Kong may be in for a dangerous time as the Chinese Government decides to step in and restore 'Order.' Stay safe ,people of Hong Kong! You are in for a major 'reaction from your poetical overloads!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The link to my TV interview for ROSKILL the book.

Try this link for the interview I had on TVNZ1 on September 25th, 2014.

China---please do not repeat the 'responses you are 'infamous' for in the past! NO Tainamen Square!

We all remember that famous picture of a single man, confronting a tank in Tiananmen Square---it was the overture to a terrible response from the autocratic Communist Party leadership. Now we have the freedom loving citizens of Hong Kong (China)demanding the rights that so many in NZ did not even bother to claim--the right to choose a kidder of their choice. That thousands of people are defying the police and the Beijing Government and are prepared to risk their lives, tells us much about what the people of Hong Kong wish for. That the central Government in Beijing has a different view will also become abundantly apparent over the next day or so. They have underestimated the feelings out there on the streets. That the rest of the world will stand by an d watch as Beijing reacts will also become clear. What a sad problem. The world will value its economic relationship with the giant that is China above human rights has probably been an accepted fact for a the last ten years. The losers will be ---all of us! Stay strong people of Hong Kong, but please do not go to excesses. A plea to China--- join the family of nations whio value human ideals!

Beaches, food, walking and walking and walking, dogs, kites and walking! AND Bin Inn--Orewa, with the Kumars!

I suspect that you may get the idea that I embarked in a good deal of walking, going by my title for this little blog (well, judging by the title)and I could forgive you for jumping to such a conclusion. Saturday was after all the first day of the holidays and the weather wasn't too bad. Sure, today is Monday, two days after the said 'tour de beaches and various other places.' I tired to post my newsworthy, 'totally different from political event,' on the Saturday night, but two impediments became clear that night. One, I was buggered after all the walking and two, my computer decided to revert to its former issues--that's another posting in itself, but one that the 'Dial a Nerd ' people will be fixing! Perdy had her first walk I her 'spiritual homeland,' Onehunga Bay on the way to pick up Sister Janice---no, she's not a NUN! Oops, actually she didn't! There was an event, a half marathon, one not unlike the distances I was going to undertake that day. NO, the Bay was closed off so we headed for another spiritual place--the cemetery down the road by the raceway! After a quick run and a poop or two, which I picked up---(I don't want any ghosts visiting me!) we collected our passenger and dropped into a car cleaning place where we have Getzy a makeover. The northern motorway beckoned and we were soon speeding (well it is a little Getz, so not too fast!) Upon visualising the clock in the car, we realized that we were way too early to turn up at Doug's place, well the one he was staying at near the beach at Orewa, with two dogs and a cat, but definitely no funeral.We decided to detour to one of the beaches on the Whangaparoa Peninsula, a beautiful part of Auckland with loads of lovely beaches. Perdy was as happy as a dog can be and that says a lot for a happy dog. She smiled and jumped out of the car and immediately headed off down the sand, chasing her favourite orange ball. That kept her busy but not stuffed for the next twenty or so minuets then it was back in the car, with extra sand, and off to Doug's abode for the day. We were met by two excited dogs and a very wary cat and before we knew it, we were cavorting along the endless sands of Orewa Beach; well the dogs were, particularity Perdy as she is a tad younger than her two new friends. Aucklanders are just so blessed with the incredible range of beaches at their beck and call---all close ton the city! While the two older dogs sniffed their way along the pathway adjacent to the beach, Perdy kept up her manic adventurous runs, chasing her ball one second then dipping into outflows that contained God knows what and occasionally immersing herself into the shallows in the tide. After 45 minutes of tis adventure, we gathered our hairy friends, dropped off the elderly ones (not myself and Janice) and headed off to the town centre whereupon we stumbled on a Moroccan inspired café, the Casablanca. NO---Humphrey wasn't in attendance! The food was fantastic. Janice and I chose the scrambled eggs with sautéed potatoes, lightly spiced in the appropriate Moroccan manner, while Doug ordered a chicken, rice and salad dish that judging by his smile was just sublime. He had to take more than half it away in a doggie bag---not for the dogs though. I say we will be going back to try the rest of their menu over the next few months; that is if Doug gets to 'house/doggie sit' again at that neat house near the beach. We also took turns to go into the Bin Inn at Orewa, just a few shops along from the Casablanca, and I was welcomed by a former teacher who used to work with me at James Cook High. She and her husband (The Kumars) now run the Bin Inn there and they are so friendly and helpful Why would I buy my beans and things anywhere else, if I am passing buy? I may even order online. They have a huge range of free range of goodies. Time tin head back ton the house near the beach where Doug was lucky enough to spend three days looking after he dogs and the cat, that bailed up Perdy for a few seconds before deciding that Jack Russells are a pain in the arse! We lounged in the lounge and drank a glass of Pinot Noir while nibbling on yet more delights, found on the kitchen bench---Doug's balking of course. Time to head home and hopefully, Perdy had had enough exercise---yeah right. After dropping Janice at her home, I took Perdy for another run--this time on the now deserted Onehunga bay. Then on the way home, I spied some huge kites on the top of Mt Roskill, the 'playground' that features in my book, Roskill. Perdy gazed upon the flapping monsters in the sky and her look told me that---'enough is enough,' and by the time we arrived home and I had unloaded the car and sat down---she was nowhere to be seen. She was flat out, down on the bed and did not enter the lounge until 9 that night and them only to eat a little before heading back to bed, where she no doubt dreamt of the cat that got away. Me-----what a day, soon to be repeated. Just bloody lovely!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Roskill is getting many 'Likes' on Face Book, but those come with a 'catch!'

I have recently pushed my book, ROSKILL, Face Book and by doing that it has achieved a fair number of likes. At the last count this morning it was nearing 450. ON the face of it, I should be pleased but there is a certain damper when it comes to analysing the hits. When I go back and look at the profile of the ‘Likers’ of Roskill, I look to see what category they are using to ‘Like’ Roskill and only about 40% of them are for the ‘Books’ choice. My conclusion---people are hitting the ‘like’ choice randomly and it must be something about the title of Roskill, because many of them come from the area of Mt Roskill or were educated at one of the schools if not Mt Roskill Grammar , itself. Fine by me, because others then go from those hits and it is in a sense, accidentally getting the book out there. When I look further (Jeeze, I hope this doesn’t sound creepy!) at the ‘profiles, there is no shortage of young people who love gangs, drugs and various other ‘youth attractions,’ so I guess I have the target audience re age right, because Roskill is primarily aimed at teenagers, early twenties and yes, their parents too, but I find it either funny, perplexing and a little confusing, when I see the pictures of those actually choosing the ‘book’ category having alongside Roskill, the Bible, and drug or gang related titles. See what I mean about my perplexion!’ So---what do I do when it comes to selecting the winner of the free book when the hits reach a certain number? Three people have won the book so far and I have been able to deliver the book only to one person, who incidentally placed feedback that was most pleasing. That young person knows who she is and I think her. BUT---when I try to contact other who have won, via the ‘friending’ option, I am met with a wall of mistrust or nothing at all. Maybe they look at my profile and think that I am whacky—lol. They should look a little deeper into my profile and they will see that I work in a job that involves a great deal of trust. I suspect that most of them don’t even follow up on their ‘Likes’ or friendship requests. OK, this is what I shall do from now on: I will continue to give away free copies of Roskill, but I shall do it like this. When the magic number in my head is reached, I shall out those names who ‘hit’ the ‘like’ Roskill option, and who do so for the BOOK, then out them in a hat and make a draw. That way at least I am sending the book, once they get back to me, to someone who actually reads. Does that satisfy those who are not just randomly hitting the like button for any number of reasons? I want the book to go to ‘readers.’ So if you are ‘reading’ this, go to my website and have a look at Roskill. If you manage to read this today, then turn on TV1 on Thursday morning, at 9pm, NZ time and watch Good Morning. I am scheduled to be on then (baring some terrible news, like the destruction of the Labour Party, taking precedent!) discussing my book, Roskill. Am I nervous—you better believe it! The download for the book, on Kindle or reading AP go to And yes, there’s more! You get a free download of you buy the hard copy. Plus, if you contact me direct at I can give you an even better deal on the hard copy (NZ only) Have a nice day and I hope I have cleared up a little bit of a conundrum!

Monday, September 22, 2014

China---your silence is ----what?

What can I say about China no longer reading my blog? What can I say about the fact that China no longer lets people in that magnificent example of 'Human endeavour' have access to the thoughts of others. Can I say anything about a country that has to vet the list of candidates in the elections that will be happening in Hong Kong, because some of them may be a bit like me; able and willing to expose the 'flaws' in an administration, one controled by a party in league with the 'military/industrial and financial sector----oops, have I just not described the other great power----the USA? I will miss my readers in China; not that they ever made comments. Perhaps I have misread the numbers. Perhaps the ordinary people of China were 'not' accessing my blogs. Perhpas it was a Governmental body. Maybe it took them time to understand my weird Kiwi humour and perhaps they are a bit thin-skinned. Time will tell and after my period of self-imposed exclusive self-examiniation and a suitable statement of contrition, I shall be once again permitted to comnment on those things that matter---the clothing fashions, the exposing of things USA, and certainly nothing but the total observance of the 'great love' between NZ and the people of China! My words are indeed most sincere!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Zealand's huge non-voter turn-out at the 2014 elections! Why?

There will be a great deal of soul-searching on the part of various political parties who were the ‘recipients’ of the non-voters at the general election we have just had in NZ. I have seen figures whereby the 1,000,000 plus votes that the National Party got was matched by those not voting. My first ‘gut-driven’ reaction to this is—‘well, don’t let me hear you moaning about the Government for the next three years---you had your chance to express your opinion and non-voting just doesn’t cut it with me!’ I do however have another reaction; one a bit more kind. I suspect there are many reasons, other than apathy for not voting. History has taught us that when people are suffering, down and almost out, they sometimes become ‘conditioned into believing anything they do will not work that their position in life is so bad that they have given up on themselves. That stance suits those in certain parties who do not want these people to vote for anything other than the elitist party now in power. I can already hear the indignant cries coming from that quarter (or more likely half!) Once again the reason are more complex than any one explanation. Once again, I turn to history to seek some answers. To believe that one can achieve change in society, comes a certain way of thinking. It also requires ‘organizing on a massive scale and the ruling elite often put barriers in place to stop such movements, albeit ones that are not always obvious in a country like NZ. The media is often blamed by those on the ‘left,’ as being controlled and unfriendly to alternate views.’ It would not be hard to find examples re the election just past. New Zealand should and must be different. We are a small nations and it is not impossible to organize for change. Sometimes the parties representing that desire, shoot themselves in the foot, by making unwise and counter-productive decisions. Once again we saw that in the election this year. For a large group of non-voters to be motivated, they need to hear policy than can relate to, in a manner that is accessible. They do not want to see public fighting that should occur behind closed doors re leadership issue. I wonder if the Labour Party will take that consideration aboard, when the knives are put tomorrow. If Labour and the Greens wish to make a difference; to get the non-voters out next time around, then they need to think way smarter. National openly made accommodations with minor parties this election and will do so again. That they then probably ignore them after the results are in, because they don’t need them. May of course comer back to bite them in the proverbial! Labour had a chance to come to an accommodation with the Greens and they did not take it! But, nothing can take away entirely from the fact that if you wish to change a Government or get your party more votes, you have to get the people out. Giving them reason is half of the solution, the other as always is with the individual making a choice to make a decision to get out and actually ‘do it.’ Apathy, laziness, call it what you like, just means more of the same! Have we learnt? I wonder.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 NZ election will go to the wire---Winston, the King maker--again?

So Winnie the kingmaker, will once again hold the nation to ransom, if the latest polls are to be believed. Yes, we have seen to before; sometimes he enjoyed the spotlight for weeks on end. The only way to avoid this is to give the Labour greens ‘alliance’ a clear lead. One would think that the events of the last few weeks would have been enough to turn NZers away from the bully boy and ‘at the end of the day,’ liar we have for a PM now, but no---I suspect that KDC’s efforts to unseat the present ‘ incumbent’ on the throne may have backfired. We should have seen this coming. The choice has often been framed as one between a shady character who got elected last time and the ‘influence ‘of another who came from a shady past elsewhere on the globe. Of course, if one sweeps away all the rhetoric form all the sources purporting to ‘speak the truth,’ then there are other more ‘positive’ choices out there. One of those may have fallen at the line, so to speak. I think you all know who that is! Whether that ‘conservative’ fellow has been the victim of a plot or we are really seeing him for who he is, will be debated, way after the results are known. So---for those of you who really care about NZ’s future, get out there today. Don’t wait for a rainy tomorrow and miss out. Don’t sit in front of your TV, watching the results swing a certain way, only to kick yourself for not casting those valuable votes that will make all the difference. ‘At the end of the day, quite frankly, to be honest,’ we need a clean sweep, a new broom that will deliver hope, where for many the feeling has been for at least six years, one of hopelessness! Over to you my friends! I see the colours red and green!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Yes, I really think that China has blocked me. I have had no hits for at least 10 days and that is significant. I may be wrong, but it is a worry if it is true. It's not as if I have been writing politically sensistive blogs about China, although I could. Hell, even Russia hasn't banned me and I have been writing heaps of shite about them. Maybe Mr Putin likes my blogs because they invite him to be 'nice.' LOL. Oh well, maybe China will return to the real world soon.

This election has been stolen because we have not had enough about the real issues!

Of course this election has been stolen. One can imagine all sorts of ‘conspiracy theories’ as to why and by whom. One can see that it well be to certain ‘player’ advantage for this to be so. One can see that all the kerfuffle over the various sideshows could act as a back-fire that advantages the present ‘regime,’ just as those on the opposite side(s) could put an argument forward that the PM has been the victim. The latter doesn’t sit well with me though. My list of sideshows include, the battle for Hone to stay in Parliament, the KDC fiasco in all of its settings and ramifications, the Dirty Politics and the resulting stage shows which no doubt figure very highly for a large number of people but simply drive some voters into the arms of a willing Key, and some local issues that have made it to the ‘main-stage,’ of nationwide politics. Has it always been like this---have past elections had the same ‘nasty underlying themes?’ I think that this time around, the ‘backing themes have dominated, pushing real debate the issue that matter at least as much or even more so, to het place where they have not figured as they should. The issues around health, education and jobs have been ‘bit players,’ and that is not how it should be. NZers need to have had a full and open debate about these, but one has the feeling that they have just been add-ons as the dirt is shoved around from player to player with many imports having their say too. Yes, these issues are important, but if they have played their parts and influenced a non-listening public, then maybe they should have been a distant ‘also ran.’ I guess the real poll on Saturday will reveal just how much.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ireland---lots of you reading my blogs now--no more Irish jokes I guess!

Writing blogs and placing them on FB and Twitter has its up and downs. Sometimes one country dominates the reading figures. The USA has always been tops, followed by NZ (well I do live here after all) and then, lately---China, which ‘was’ catching up really fast, but suddenly they have dropped off the list. Hell---it’s not as if I was giving them a hard time about human rights abuses. I was anything but--- mean---I lauded their ‘advances’ and was getting real close to them. But—no---they have deserted me. Perhaps one of the leaders didn’t like my words of ‘wisdom.’ Oh well- I shall shrug off my disappointment and get on with connecting to my new friends---especially those from Ireland. I am feeling ‘much love’ form the ‘Emerald Island,’ a country in many ways, similar to New Zealand. Let’s face it---lots of you have come here over the last 160 years. Irish blood flows strongly in the veins of NZers! Pray, tell me why Irish readers have suddenly replaced those from China. Surely you haven’t arranged some strange swapping of the love! Actually---I don’t care. I just love to see you reading mu blogs and hopefully some of you will buy the hard copy of Roskill or download the EBook version. I would love your feedback. Come on---when have the Irish been backward in expressing an opinion. So--- Ireland and the rest of the word—p-follow this link That will take you straight to the Amazon link to directly download my book ROSKILL, a sad, but at times funny tale about an issue that affects most countries. Those that say it doesn’t are probably living with their heads in the sand and as there’s not a hell of a lot of sand in Ireland that won’t be the case. If you want to know more about Roskill or want to buy the hard copy (then you get a free download of the EBook as a bonus) just go to my website and follow the link.

China---where are you?

I have come to the conclusion that the absence of China from my reading list for the last 4 days has to be put down to the fact that they have been ‘instructed’ not to read my blog anymore, because they represent a threat to the sanctity of the Chinese nation. Perhaps my words have offended someone high up in the regime! I somehow doubt that and my introduction was merely one in which I am expressing mild consternation about the absence of my many friends in China. China was rapidly climbing the readership list and I was thinking that they would soon be number ONE! But that all suddenly changes. I am wondering if the work my publicist has done on my Facebook page somehow translated into my blogs not being so readily available to China. Silly assumption, you say. Either way I welcome back my China-readers and hope that you can resume your quest for knowledge about my wonderful country and of course download or buy my books at

Monday, September 15, 2014

The big 'expose:' the one that would be a bombshell!

Last night we were promised a huge event; a bombshell about the activities of a Government agency, with the knowledge of the Prime Minister, which would lead us all to believe that the latter should immediately resign. I hooked onto my computer and found a live link the Auckland Town Hall where over 1700 people had filled the gracious ‘old lady’ and more than a 1000 were turned away. Maybe they went to bars to commiserate re their exclusion from the event taking place up the road. Had they been admitted, they would have had a reaction that was aligned to the position they had already taken before the ‘meeting.’ National Party supporters would have guffawed their way through proceedings, saying that there was nothing new and that it was all a ‘conspiracy from the left.’ Those who already believed that New Zealanders have been ‘duped,’ by our PM and others would have taken what they needed from the meeting; that their beliefs were justified. So did anything change for those genuinely in the middle; those who wanted to hear a real truth? I don’t know, because we all make up our minds based on our own inherent beliefs and new information is needed to change that stance. Did that happen? Maybe for some and perhaps not for others. I was impressed by the energy of the speakers, both the two who were physically present and those two who spoke from afar. They were genuine in their espousal of what they perceived to be real problem re the NZ Government agencies being part of a wider group that allows and assists the spying on of its citizens. If everything is to be believed, this has happened on a massive scale. KDC himself did nothing for me. He uttered a few sentences, but it is my belief that he is just not in the same league as the other speakers. Unless he is facing a rampant student audience, many of whom are drunk, and who are easily ramped up to scream and yell, ‘F— you John Key,’ then he is out of his depth. That is when one gets the feeling that he is in this ‘for himself.’ Ms Harre spoke well and one gets the feeling that she is not totally in KDC’s camp. After all, this person has a rich experience in NZ politics and the union movement and she is committed to improving the lot of those who miss out so much in NZ society. She speaks with passion and an intelligence that is missing from KDC’s performance. I wonder how the audience perceived the experience last night. I wonder if they went away with new knowledge or just a fleshing out of that they already possessed. It is going to take a few days for us to assimilate what has happened or purported to have happened re politics and the actions of the GCSB and Key’s part in all this. Without a doubt he is at least playing with the truth, with the express aim of retaining power and also kowtowing to the USA. We cannot be at least a little cynical at the timing of all this. Sure--- we had advance warning that ‘something was going to occur,’ at a fixed time but the question is going to be asked many times in the future about just what it all achieved. One would hope that at least the focus has gone onto the actions of ours and other governments, in how they ‘observe us, and for what purposes. In a sense I am grateful that there are people out there who would challenge this and help to make us aware of what is occurring. But—I shall always wonder at the real reason for KDC’s involvement in this saga, even though he claims to be supporting the ‘little people’ and the rights of those who want an open society, especially in regard to what ‘could happen,’ under the auspices of Governmental agencies. Maybe I shall give a nod in his direction for at least being part of that movement, albeit for dubious ‘side-reasons.’ Will this affect the election on Saturday? No doubt political scientists will analyse this for years to come. If even a small percentage of people change their votes as a result of the ‘new information,’ emanating from last night, then those behind KDC will have achieved their aim---to get rid of the current PM and his government. Time will tell---at the election boxes----the poll that counts.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kim DC and his big---what? Fizzer or will it have 'wings?'

WE have been hearing for weeks about a huge 'outage' from the big German about how NZ's PM has been invloved in nasty activities against NZers. This from a man who has some 'interesting aspects' to his past. I am a bit uncomfortable about how it has all come to this; that a man who by his own admission attained Residency to New Zealand by means that are shady to say the least.He claims that this was done with the end game of being able to allow the USA to extradite him back to that country to face a rnage of countries. Now, there are those who say that KDC has become involved in NZ politics with the express aim of being able to influence those who such decissions around extradtion.I am not sure. That he has bankrolled the birth of a political party though is woithout doubt. His alliance with the Mana party has also raised some doubts about how one get get into Parlimant, but then again, how is ths not true for other politicians, representing ohter 'interest and lobby' gorups? THis afternnon, KDC and his friends promise to 'expose all,' about the extent to which the NZ Govenrment under John Key has spied not only on it's own citiznes, but on the affairs of other nations re business deals and God knows what else. One would have to be pretty naive to think that 'we' in NZ are nay differnet to other nations that the 'services' that opperate in their name. I wonder if KDC and his allies have not ramped up our expectations a little too much and the 'news' we are going to hear is going to be a big---'and---what's new?' I have seen the machinations about many 'events' that groups oppposed to Governments have done their very best to make into 'mountians,' only to see them flop, if only because so many NZers actually don't care! That in itslef is an inditement re the way we take part in the political life of our nation.That is also reflected in to still quite low numbers of 18-34 year olds who have not registered to vote in the elections this Saturday. For this very same reaons, the impact of whatever is announced today may well be the real 'fizzer,' as New Zealanders shrug their shoulders, as a smaller group express their anger at the behaviours of those who lead us and control much of the economic activitiy in Newe Zealand. If enough people actually cared and transfered that knowledge and anger into political action, then New Zealand would be a very different place. I shall put my cynicism away and listen with an open mind and then-----VOTE on Saturday, if not earlier! I wonder if some people who have already taken the option of early voting will regret their decission to do so!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Road trip! The 'lost' in space version.

OK, I have always prided myself in my ability to find my way on road trips, without the help of a map. That supreme confidence took a nasty turn for the 'I'm the same as everyone else,' yesterday when I performed the unimaginable (for me!) and actually took 'a turn,' in the wrong direction. bear in mind that the day was cloudy and the sky low; Chicken Little would have been in a right state! After leaving Matamata on the way home, going past the Hobbit like information centre and continuing along the road, we noticed that there were no lane-markings. Funny, I thought--maybe it will broaden out soon. But no----the road was quiet and we were soon in the middle of the Waikato. I could not see the sun and the hills were alive, with the sound of 'banjos!---pretty flash ones though, because the farms looked most prosperous. I had a sense that things were not quite right but continued on in the belief that we would hit a 'main' road soon. After about 30 minutes of this, we did indeed come upon a road with actual cars on. Some of the occupants looked like they too had entered some forbidden zone! Motoring on (I was however enjoying the narrow and windy roads--almost pretending to be I rally car driver---in a Hyundai Getz---yeah right!) we chanced upon yet a bigger road, this time one that had a sign. It was pointing to Hamilton, bit--OMG---we were travelling towards Taupo! How the hell did I manage to totally turn the direction of travel around a full 180 degrees? Stupidity in motion, I thought and expressed that thought to my sister, who had entertained the doubts re our travel for quite some time. Somehow I had become absolutely and irrevocably disorientated, a state most unusual for me. I could blame the weather, I could blame the onset of an older state of mind or I could just admit that I had committed an act of confidence on my abilities that simply does not exist. You may make up your own minds and snigger in the delightful knowledge that the guy who wrote ROSKILL, a book that has its own 'road journey,' a book that has a message of hope that transcends human fragility and replaces the word 'hopeless with 'hopeful. One must occasionally accept that knowledge is a fluid quality and when it backfires the consequences are---'interesting.' WE did get home but Perdy was looking at me as if to say----'why didn't you listen to me?'

Friday, September 12, 2014

I took a trip to Rotorua today---to support Tamati---I see he had a little tiffle with National!

What a day! Sitting here now watching the news and reflecting upon it---I am most pleased at how things are working out--for the Grande left alliance! Yes, strong words. Let me take you back a little. Last night in discussion with my sister about the possibility of travelling to Rotorua to visit Tamati, the Labour candidate for Rotorua at the election next week, we gave ourselves about a 50% chance of actually following through, because the weather was not looking good. After a shower, I made a snap decision, one quite unlike the one made all those years ago by a drunken former PM--the Honourable Mr Muldoon! Perdy was extremely pleased when I shuffled her waggly tail into the car and headed to the Bay for a quick run and a poop. I didn't want her farting all the way to Rotorua! Twenty minutes later we were on the Southern Motorway, heading through the back-roads to the 'sulphurous City.' We stopped for a quick 'release' on the outskirts of Matamata, then headed on down the road, with an ever increasingly misty drizzle giving the feeling that the sky was closing in. Near the hospital we spied a park that I wanted to take Perdy to later, after we had met Tamati. Firstly we visited the huge Pack and Save to get a few bags of groceries for Tamati's Food bank or one he supports. Then--on to the main event---the red office on Tutanekai Street, the headquarters for Tamati's campaign to steal the seat off National. CLOSED-----Damn!---was this all for nothing? What was I going to do with the bags of goodies? I noticed a busy shop next door and I made the decision to ask them if they would keep the bags for Tamati. Not only did they agree to that, but they said they do it often. I think they like Tamati! They also told me he was down at the market----the very one we had noticed by the hospital on the way in. After a circuitous route we finally found the park and sought out the man of the moment. A friendly lady pointed at a departing figure and I ran (yes---don't laugh!) after him, with Perdy in tow and my sister wondering WTF I was doing. I yelled, 'Tamati.' He turned and I approached him, mumbling my name. He knew who I was--I have been writing lots of posts on FB---I want this guy in Parliament. He has so much to offer. He reaches out to a range of people who his opposition--the one who is about to be dumped by the Rotorua electorate, cannot possibly reach. We chatted in the rain for a few moments about his much increased chances of wining the Rotorua seat and then he told us about a café that served gluten-free food, but alas my memory failed me when it came to actually finding it, so after a wet, and slippery dash back to the car, we drove back into the central city, whereupon we settled on a Nandos lunch, sitting outside so that Perdy could share my meal. I was most pleased. I had achieved my goal. I very much wanted to meet Tamati because I believe in him. I know he will fight for the dolphins, the people of Rotorua and for a better New Zealand. he brings an honesty that is much lacking in the outgoing Parliament. We need more Tamatis!---but he will do for a start. So after our lunch, it was back in the car. I didn't get a picture of Tamati. I did not want to delay his return to his car. He had a large package with him--the awnings, I think, for the stand. Oh--I digress. Tamati had mentioned that there had been a fracas earlier on. I didn't quite get it, until I turned on the news. There he was in the middle of a loyal group of 'lefties,' throwing it at a group of people off camera. It seemed that Key had not fronted up--something about a flight delayed and HIS supporters were giving it to Tamati and Laila (Mana/Internet) Things got heated and there he was---our Tamati, right in the middle. He's up for it and wasn't about to let the blue rabble worry him. You are on a roll, my friend, one that will take you to victory. I am so glad to have met you. I hope you sold the books I sent (ROSKILL) and kept one for yourself. If not--let me know and I will send you another--------- The journey home had something funny happen--more dramas in my next posting!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ROSKILL---keeping the ball rolling. New ideas.

Now that I have had some exposure on the live radio re Roskill, I am seeking new ways to get the book 'out there.' Of course my next big chance will be when I appear on TV1 (TVNZ) on the Good Morning programme on September 25th at The radio experience was not so bad as I could pretend that I was talking to a friend, but the TV show will test my nerves to the max! I have also thought up a few moves of my own; one was to give away a copy of Roskill from time to time when it reaches a vertain number of 'LIKES' on FaceBook. I was lucky in that the first 'winner'was just down the road from where I work in Manurewa. The young pady was most pleased to have won the book and posted online that 'Roskill is one of the best books I have ever read.' Great feedback and it can be seen on my ROSKILL FB page. Dont forget you can download ROSKILL directly from AMAZON by clicking on the following link or by following the link fomr my website for both hard copy or download (Which is free if you buy the hard copy). You can also contact me at to arrange a purchase. Thanks for your support and don't forget to do a review of you read Roskill.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Roskill Facebook page hit 200 likes today so-----

Great! Roskill FB page hit 200 likes today so I will be giving a freebie away to that person. She knows who she is. I will do it again when Roskill hits 300 and then some! Such fun! Keep hittin gthe 'like' button!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Muruwai Beach was lovely today---ask Perdy!

Today dawned as a beautiful spring gift---the sun popped over the horizon causing Perdy to lick my face as if to say---'places to see, things to do----come on get up---now---no before! I did, heated up a quick breakfast from the leftovers of yesterday's excesses and was soon on the way to Doug's. After a quick look at his wonderful garden we headed towards Waimauku, where he needed to check out a place he is taking a class to plant some native trees and plants in a wetland area of a very nature caring farmer. Then, we had the flash of an idea---lets go to Muruwai Beach for a walk---we had overdone the eating a bit yesterday when we had a series of Tapa type food. Oh well, at least we can walk it off these days. The view over the Tasman S4ea was heaven in itself. White crested waves spilled upon the black sands, Perdy panted and finally broke out into a yelping that demanded to be let loose on the long beach. She had a ball, literally in her mouth when she wasn't chasing it and also in her pure enjoyment of being with us at this magnificent beach on Auckland's west coast. I shall let the pictures speak for themlsves. OH--after I post this,I shall take her down to Onehunga Bay. What a perfect end to a great weekend

Friday, September 5, 2014

Suriname, Tunisia--just to name a few new countries on my list.

Yes, more countries fining my blog. It won't be long before most countries in the world will have at least stumbled on my blog. That's cool with me but it does result in some interesting contacts. A friendly message to the 'ladies' searching or 'love,'----yeah right---- ain't computing for me-----so try elsewhere dears. Try Putin---he may have an urge to make new friends because he ain't got many other than those in Russia who love to be subjected to his particular 'Soviet style strongman' qualities. Oh well, I digress. Hi---but no thanks ladies of God knows where!'

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Waipuna Hotel and Conference---nothing is too much for the staff

I am having a great time at the Guidance Counsellors Conference at the Waipuna Hotel. My mind is buzzing re the workshops I have attended. I have chosen to 'specialize in the Brain Plasticity ones and I won't even try to explain to much about that---I need to get my 'unplastic' brain around it. Suffice it to say that we do not need to accept the 'aging brain' process. It is something that can be stopped in its tracks and indeed reversed, given the right 'exercises.' That the body benefits from exercise and being treated 'right,' goes for the brain as well. Over the next few months I shall put up postings re this incredible new 'frontier of knowledge.' OK, so now I am in my room--yes I had to find out how to get in---I had forgotten about electronic keys and if you use them upside down or don't stick then in right---they don't work---yes first embarrassment! I had to get 'help.' I am a worry eh. Then came the simple task of turning the TV on because that needs to happen in order to make the computer work! OH shite--- I ad not realized that you need to stick the electronic key into the 'thingy' on the wall as you enter the room. That was fixed after I rang the front desk. OK , TV on but---I have been locked away from the modern world for too long---once again I needed to get help. I wandered off to the front desk in the belief that I could act nonchalant and get some advice re making the TV actually work with the laptop. The 'word' must have gotten around that the 'inhabitant' of room 115 is a bit of a 'throwback' to a time when such services didn't exist. The nice young man accompanied me back to my room and proceeded to try to make the 'Wi-Fi work---it wouldn't for some reason. Not my fault this time. He patiently tried many things but no---we had to try the cable way and that too didn't work. Once again, not my ignorance---the cable was faulty--so off Kahn ( the nice front desk man--who happened to have a past life in IT) went to get another cable and I spent the ensuing few minutes to start reading the book that the 'presenter' at the conference wrote--I swapped Roskill for his. Khan came back with the cable and then set about making my computer worked. It took him a while but he was determined to make things happen. I was thinking that---OMG--what about the other guests? He just plugged away at his task and finally I was online. Khan--you are legend and the hotel needs to know you are 'tops.' (Employee of the month boss!) Now, here I am, writing hits blog, wafting for dinner. yes, it's the conference dinner tonight and I didn't want to drive home after having a few drinks--so I bit the bullet and paid out for one nights accommodation. Now I can be with my friends and colleagues, enjoying the food. (Hell----wish I could have a doggie bag, cause I ain't going to be able to eat much!) I had a chance to sell Roskill here too, but so far it's only been about 6--there's always tomorrow! I don't want to totally piss off my fellow attendees, so gently it goes. Right that shower and bath look nice and I even hung my clothes up for the dinner tonight. Thanks for all the help Waipuna employees! Catch ya later!

Click on the link for the radio interview I had re Roskill

Monday, September 1, 2014

There are some serious issues in New Zealand re the 'homeless' and poverty, but violence is not the answer!

An incredibly sad tragedy happened yesterday in Ashburton, a mid-sized town in the South Island of New Zealand. A man walked into a WINZ office (Work and income New Zealand) and shot three people, two of whom died and seriously injured the third. New Zealand is now in the midst of a discussion about why this could have happened; about what drove this man to such an extreme action. Firstly I need to state that his actions cannot be justified, no matter what the provocation. Taking another person’s life is totally wrong at every level! Yes, I know that is happens, both here and to a much larger degree on other countries, some of whom are in the midst of wars and breakdowns of the rule of law. Yesterday’s tragedy had a begging in a systematic breakdown when it came to supporting this man, who allegedly had some massive issues with a range of ‘agencies. He was well known to the local support agencies. It is said that he came back from Australia after learning that he had an illness and that he came back to ‘die.’ Pretty strong words. He had been trying to get housing and had taken the move of putting up a tent in a public park. There are also reports that there was an abandoned ‘State house’ in the town, but I do not know if he was on the list for housing or whatever other supports he may have been offered. He was under incredible stress and once again, I do not have the full story as to the state of his mental health. There is much we do not know about this man but there is much being said about the justification for his actions! On first appearances, there seems to have been a breakdown in the support he has been offered but we do no as yet know what his reaction was to that which was offered. What we do know is that for many years, there has been criticism levelled at that government agency, amongst others and that hardly a week goes by where we hear of an incident where someone has been threatened or assaulted, whilst doing their job. What we saw yesterday was a culmination of many factors, not the least being that there is poverty in New Zealand, that there is a perception that not enough of being done to help people in the position this man was facing. Perceptions and beliefs will vary as to the causes of this situation, but what we do know is that things must change: We cannot let our people working in agencies be subject to danger, but at the same time we need to examine how this all came about. What is it that has people so frustrated that they seek such extreme and violent action? Is there a ‘mental health’ issue here, where people are not receiving the help they need? When ‘mental health,’ bean to be delivered ‘within the community, rather than in institutions, did we go way to far, leaving people vulnerable because they were not resourced sufficiently? These questions must be addressed along with those surrounding how people are ‘worked with,’ when they use Government agencies. However, once again, I come back to the point that, we cannot have people being killed, just because they are doing a job that attracts a good deal of emption when the results of their work do not satisfy the clients! Yes, address the issues and that is on a massive scale, because it goes to the very heart of how we want New Zealand to be as a nation---a fair one, or one that does not care for those who need care the most!