Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ireland---lots of you reading my blogs now--no more Irish jokes I guess!

Writing blogs and placing them on FB and Twitter has its up and downs. Sometimes one country dominates the reading figures. The USA has always been tops, followed by NZ (well I do live here after all) and then, lately---China, which ‘was’ catching up really fast, but suddenly they have dropped off the list. Hell---it’s not as if I was giving them a hard time about human rights abuses. I was anything but--- mean---I lauded their ‘advances’ and was getting real close to them. But—no---they have deserted me. Perhaps one of the leaders didn’t like my words of ‘wisdom.’ Oh well- I shall shrug off my disappointment and get on with connecting to my new friends---especially those from Ireland. I am feeling ‘much love’ form the ‘Emerald Island,’ a country in many ways, similar to New Zealand. Let’s face it---lots of you have come here over the last 160 years. Irish blood flows strongly in the veins of NZers! Pray, tell me why Irish readers have suddenly replaced those from China. Surely you haven’t arranged some strange swapping of the love! Actually---I don’t care. I just love to see you reading mu blogs and hopefully some of you will buy the hard copy of Roskill or download the EBook version. I would love your feedback. Come on---when have the Irish been backward in expressing an opinion. So--- Ireland and the rest of the word—p-follow this link http:www.amazon.com/dp047325655X That will take you straight to the Amazon link to directly download my book ROSKILL, a sad, but at times funny tale about an issue that affects most countries. Those that say it doesn’t are probably living with their heads in the sand and as there’s not a hell of a lot of sand in Ireland that won’t be the case. If you want to know more about Roskill or want to buy the hard copy (then you get a free download of the EBook as a bonus) just go to my website and follow the link. www.authorneilcoleman.com

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