Tuesday, September 16, 2014

China---where are you?

I have come to the conclusion that the absence of China from my reading list for the last 4 days has to be put down to the fact that they have been ‘instructed’ not to read my blog anymore, because they represent a threat to the sanctity of the Chinese nation. Perhaps my words have offended someone high up in the regime! I somehow doubt that and my introduction was merely one in which I am expressing mild consternation about the absence of my many friends in China. China was rapidly climbing the readership list and I was thinking that they would soon be number ONE! But that all suddenly changes. I am wondering if the work my publicist has done on my Facebook page somehow translated into my blogs not being so readily available to China. Silly assumption, you say. Either way I welcome back my China-readers and hope that you can resume your quest for knowledge about my wonderful country and of course download or buy my books at www.authorneilcoleman.com

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