Sunday, March 3, 2013

UK readers starting to catch up Russia.

I should never have given my Russian readers the 'stick.' I don't really know why the numbers have dropped so dramatically but I suspect that many of the readers in far off Russia were 'trawling' for suitable partners in NZ and when they read my blogs more deeply they relaized that they wouldn't meet thier match in my good self. The other more sinsister conspiracy theory is that my blogs may have been perceived as 'taking the piss' out of Dear Leader Putin and some shadowy body in the Kremlin blocked my blogs. What a laugh and a presumtious thought on my part. Hell, 1000 odd readers in Russia don't exactly make up a '5th column.' Maybe it's just my weird sense of Kiwi humour that leaves them high and dry when it comes to understanding my offerings. That's where my pommie mates (the UK) come in. After all, I am only 5 generations removed from those much vaunted shores and the many readers are actually just my neice reading all my blogs, which lends me to believe that I have multiple readers. Either way, the numbers are rising and I hope that my UK readers send the link to their friends so that the UK can emerge as real competition to NZ and the USA who are way out in front. OH, yes, then there is Australia---they too are catching on. The total is now over 66,000.

Young people and bad choices. police chase--what else can they do?

It appears that a police chase, late on Sunday night had its origins in a car theft on Saturday. Whether the occupants in the car that crashed after the chase were the perpetrators of the theft is yet to be determined, but the results could well be a multiple death toll.
The young female teenagers had allegedly been involved in anti-social behaviours in a cafĂ© at Mission Bay late on Sunday night. Numerous calls were received by the police about the ‘carryings on’ of the young people. One would suspect that alcohol was involved, but that has yet to be determined. What followed was a short chase by the police and the car crashed leaving the lives of the occupants hanging on a string.
The families of these young women will now have to wait and hope that their daughter s will survive. It has to be said that the decision to ‘run’ from the police and the behaviours leading to this crash are the causal factors, not the fact that the police gave chase. So often in the past, we have had fingers levelled at the police for their decisions to pursue fleeing drivers, often resulting in tragic deaths.
Once again, the police face the dilemma of choosing to chase or letting the drivers go, to possibly be followed up at a later time. If the latter decision is made, that puts at risk other road users who may become victims of the bad decisions of those who ‘steal cars, act in an irresponsible and dangerous manner thereby dragging innocents into the actions of what can only be described as criminal behaviours.
Now we have the sad possibility of families facing multiple funerals or at the very least lives diminished by one stupid act; lives that will need a massive amount of taxpayer money to put together the bodies that have been damaged in the crash.
Sadly, it seems that the lessons have not been learned. When will we see the next deaths from such occurrences?