Monday, July 2, 2012

I feel the need to say---'do as I say, not as I did"

I feel the need to say yet again---listen to my salutary warning about what is ‘free’ and what  ‘free’ means when it comers to signing up to 24 month contracts at about $80 per month and then getting a free upper end smartphone.
 Yes I did just that and I regret it. I got caught up in the hype, just like I see some of you espousing the merits of an offer from 2degrees.
Do the maths my friend. So you are about to get the latest Samsung Galaxy something or other. It’s free if you sign up for a 24 month contract at $79 per month, one dollar less than the Vodafone offer. Multiply that figure by 24 months and what do you come up with? Well, it’s more than the cost of the phone and getting out of the contract will also cost you dearly.
Add the fact that you will probably not use most of the available APS and things look even sillier economically.
 I say all this having done just what I have said not to do. So----please do the maths and work out what is best for you and don’t get caught up in the hype--- Like---- embarrassingly--- I did.

NZ Navy banned from the Pearl Harbour exercises---so what

New Zealand naval ships have been banned from an exercise in Pearl harbour. Instead we have been relegated to an outer harbour or civilian area. There would be those in the NZ defence force and others who are probably getting their ‘tits in a tangle’ over the imagined slight. It all goes back to the New Zealand Government banning nuclear armed or propelled warships in 1987.
We must stick to our guns, so to speak, and not bow down and allow the resumption of such visits. I believe the opposition to our visit to the ‘inner circle’ of the exercise comes directly from the USA Navy, not the pentagon itself. It seems that the former body has a long memory and is simply playing ‘tit-for-tat.’
Who cares? I see that the Russian Navy even has representation. It is a game for the boys and their toys with a few ramifications for policy makers, but we need to hold fast and keep our ports free of any nuclear presence. For those who worry that we would not receive aid in the event of a ‘foreign’ incursion in our waters, rest assured; do you really think that the USA would stand by and witness their ‘influence’ being watered down in the South Pacific. The threat is not military--- it is more economic and the USA is already under threat from the growing power of Asia.
New Zealand is subtly changing too. The ties with Europe and the USA are still strong but the ‘new boys on the block’ are increasingly making their existence felt--- to the benefit of New Zealand. Why should we ignore the presence of more than two billion people; ones who are closer than our traditional markets.
The USA will always be ‘friends’ with New Zealand but that does not mean we have to alter our stance on being as nuclear  free as we can. Do not the events in Japan add strength to my argument?

Moldova-- how did you find me?

Welcome Moldova-- I am so pleased to see you reading my blogs. Look out for my new website to be launched in a few weeks. We are waiting for some final images and re-printing of my books now.