Wednesday, May 16, 2012

300 blogs to keep you happy--- without the adverts now

I have been indulging in a bit of thinking in the last few days after my AdSense account was disabled. Perhaps it was a good thing and most certainly some of you will not miss those adverts or my constant pleas to ‘click on the.’ I suspect that my actions may be the reason for Uncle Google to punish me thus.
I am the sort of person who does not dwell for too long on life’s mishaps; preferring to pick myself up and move on. What will I do---? Well let me think a bit longer, but already I am making some plans.
I have more than 300 blogs out there now, many of them linked. It has been suggested that I find a way to organize them in such a manner that they can be accessed together. I don’t have the skills to do that, so of course I am seeking help for that.
 I am waiting to hear from a web designer so that I can list my books (old and new) and make them available for purchase using the PayPal system. I also want to get them on Kindle via Amazon. All of this requires money--- hello bank!
One thing I would like from you is some feedback (negative and positive) re my books. I understand that most of you have neither the time, nor the inclination to do so in a public manner. I ask that you contact me via my email.

Looking forward to hearing from you. I am particularly hoping to hear about what you think about the direction THE RIVER ALWAYS FLOWS has taken. Remember I am prepared to take this story in several directions at once by having alternative themes to choose from. Watch this space. I am most definitely having fun with this book, adverts, clicking or any other bullcrap aside.