Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kim.Com saga has many victims now.

The news that backup files, millions of them, have been 'dumped' deleted, call it what you will, is terrible, not just for Kim.Com, but for those who used his services. Apparently he had been asking for time, while his case is still going, but the Dutch 'parent companies' of the servers have decided to dump those files.
I have not been a fan of the 'man' but I am coming to the conclusion that despite some of the 'reportedly' shady aspects to him, he may have done us a favour, something like the other whistle-blowers in the industry who have drawn attention from Governments around the world. Yes, there is a line between some of the possibly illegal  activities and the rights of the rest of us not to be spied on and the need for transparent government actions, but one is left with a distinctly bad taste in the mouth re the actions of heavy handed Government agencies and big business interests. Is a modern day Robin Hood or something else? Time will tell, but who is going to get hurt on the meantime?

Road rage-----nasty!

Road rage comes in all forms and sometimes one is involved whether one likes it or not. I was travelling to work today in a brand new Hyundai Accent (It’s a bit like an I.30). I had asked for a humble older Gezt like the one on which I was having a new cambelt fitted but when I asked for such a car I said that last time I took a courtesy car they gave me one that I ended up buying (a similar model, that is) so please don’t tempt me again! She smiled and before I knew it, there I was travelling in what for me is total luxury. Hell, it even has a TV that I can look at when I am reversing, something much needed by me now. IT has all the ‘bells and whistles’ and I know for sure that I don’t want to give it back---damn! I shall resist the urge because it’s way out of my ball park. They are really naughty at Hyundai, Greenlane, but I am not complaining. They have looked after me for years and always done really good work on my two trusty Hyundai cars.
You can imagine my horror when I pulled up at some lights behind a car and the four female occupants jumped out (the lights were green by now) and started swearing and screaming using all the old favourites, consisting of the MFs and Fs and various other gangster language backed up with the dumb-ass signs they use. I thought---‘OMG----what have I done? I stayed calm and started to worry about the possible damage they might inflict on my beautiful borrowed car. They walked right past me and began haranguing the people behind me. I kept my eyes to the front (yes I am a coward) as things heated up around me.
In the meantime other people started to blast their horns because they were being held up. The lovely well-brought up ‘ladies’ got back in their car and pulled to the side of the road. I watched in my TV screen in the mirror as they threw rubbish at the car following me. Then an occupant of that car leaned out the window, almost falling out and yelled insults at the car by the road, which then started to follow them.
Luckily for me, both cars turned off down a side street to continue their crazy behaviour. I saw a cop car heading in their direction. I hope the cops waste heaps of the time of these crazy road-raged-besotted twits. What a start to the day. I shall enjoy the journey home---oops back to the Hyundai-Greenlane shop to reluctantly give back my beautiful dream car. Oh well, back to reality when I pick up my well-looked after Gezt. It will be good for another 100,000 kls. I am so glad ‘Geztsy’ wasn’t a witness to that sad behaviour.