Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kim.Com saga has many victims now.

The news that backup files, millions of them, have been 'dumped' deleted, call it what you will, is terrible, not just for Kim.Com, but for those who used his services. Apparently he had been asking for time, while his case is still going, but the Dutch 'parent companies' of the servers have decided to dump those files.
I have not been a fan of the 'man' but I am coming to the conclusion that despite some of the 'reportedly' shady aspects to him, he may have done us a favour, something like the other whistle-blowers in the industry who have drawn attention from Governments around the world. Yes, there is a line between some of the possibly illegal  activities and the rights of the rest of us not to be spied on and the need for transparent government actions, but one is left with a distinctly bad taste in the mouth re the actions of heavy handed Government agencies and big business interests. Is a modern day Robin Hood or something else? Time will tell, but who is going to get hurt on the meantime?

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