Thursday, June 20, 2013

Of course I still love my food!

Just because I had bariatric surgery a few months ago and have dropped about 32Kgs, doesn’t mean that I lost my love of things gastronomic. Nothing has changed except the intake. I still love to cook and dream up recipes and I still enjoy watching anything to do with food or wine on TV.
What has changed is the quantity and type of food that I eat. Even when I cook for friends and family I take great pleasure. Maybe they gain from the experience knowing that what I cook is probably healthier for them, but it would take an expert eye to note the difference.
It looks like the weekend is going to be one where the weather dominates. It is after all, winter in New Zealand the polar blast sweeping the country is not only causing damage and it is also keeping people inside. Even in the north, as in Auckland, we are moaning about the wind and cold rain. So, I need to raise the spirits of those around me. I shall cook an old-fashioned roast chicken but add a twist of flavour.
I am going to roast a corn-fed chicken and stuff it with rosemary, garlic, pepper and butter (under the skin) along with roast parsnips, kumara (sweet potatoes), carrots and potatoes. I shall serve that with brussell sprouts cooked with streaky bacon and pine nuts. Yum---I won’t eat more than I should. That’s easy for me now.
To finish off we will have coffee and the Quinoa cookies I make. (See previous blogs for the recipe)

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