Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jack Russell on Steroids---part 2

Oh no--- its true----Perdy may be feeling better and it is probably a figment of my imagination, but this morning was crazy. I was in slumber land and at about there was an almighty row as Perdy decided that the cat needed attention. Why not? After all, shouldn’t everyone be up in a Jack Russell’s world? Usually she lets us sleep in to at least 6.30 or even later in the weekend, but not today.
It was bark, meow, spit, jump, clamber up the wall, louder more urgent meows and more raucous barking. Hell if the anonymous complainant (see other blog on that) could hear, I was about to be in deep doggie poo. The cat must have got the message, so she migrated to the neighbours where she has her ‘standby pad.’ Luckily that suits them, but not at 5 something in the morning.
I thought her highness had settled, but no. She has a mirror she sometimes sits in front of and preens herself. Not this time. She did her best to take it down. She must have thought---‘Who’s this crazy bitch looking back at me?’
Peace did not return until she had some food in her bowl, along with the hidden medication. Thank God, the injection of steroids only lasted 24 hours. Oops there are still a few hours to go so whatever she’s planning, I think we are ready.
As an after note---- I nearly brought home a stray Jack Russell from school. It had come in and we couldn’t find the owner. Perhaps I can say--- luckily it made its own way home. Can you imagine two Jack Russells?

Jack Russell on steroids--no--no--- and no

I took Perdy to the vet yesterday because she had developed a rash on all four paws. It didn’t seem to bother her unduly, but I am a good doggie daddy.
Off we went and she did her usual thing--- pretended that she could always behave. She sat patiently while the vet saw another bigger dog and just politely sniffed when it came out. I won’t bore you with the details of the diagnosis--- I just had to remember what to do about the when and how much for the prescriptions. It cost a pretty penny, but then we do have insurance.
The vet administered a shot of steroids and if you have ever wondered at what would happen with a Jack Russell on steroids, then here’s a possible answer. I may not be correct in making the link but this morning before work (I am not bringing her in to work until next week) she was either bloody high or just happy to feel better. The poor cat was most put out at the tactics Perdy employed to piss her off. She pranced, hid and jumped. She did her best to catch the cat, avoiding as usual the claws that responded to her machinations. Eventually Jasmine the cat left for the elderly neighbours where she has found solitude when things get hot.
Perdy also decided to bark at her reflection, anything from a low growl to full on attack mode. I can’t be sure that it is the steroids, but thank God it is only for 24 hours. Much more of Miss Perdy on a steroid induced personality disorder would have me heading for the hills.

Bullying takes many forms

I wrote as blog yesterday about bullying in NZ schools and the advent of social-media bullying. How can I not comment on the report of a Whangarie institution that has ‘bullied the family of a pre-schooler with HIV to leave? They broke many NZ laws in doing this, including basic human rights and laws relating to privacy. They also exhibited ignorance that I thought no longer existed in NZ, at least amongst professional organizations.
How could the management and staff at that organization be so ignorant? How could they be so unaware of the fact that this young person posed no threat to other children and their families? There needs to be huge education programme for the staff and those responsible for that unfortunate decision.
 What is also sad is the damage that has now been done. How can they take back the released information about the young child? Will the bigots be out in force now and try to bar the child from other places his parents try to enrol him in.
This must never happen again. Perhaps something good can come out of this. It is a timely reminder that education is a continuing process and that we should never assume that  ‘she’ll be right mate.’

'New Zealand needs skilled immigrnats to lift the level of--

New Zealand  does indeed need skilled immigrants in a range of areas in it's economy. That a government department charged with sorting through all of the applicants made a 'technical error' in a recent round  that occurs each yea,r is bad enough, but then to have those slected to be told that there had been this mistake is reprehensible.
I know from experience in helping a person to get a visa into to NZ, that there is a massive amount of emotional stress related to this process. To build one's hopes up and then to have them dashed is cruel and in the end gives NZ a very bad name.
What is more---- NZ needs these applicants--- now they will no doubt go to Australia or Canada. Surel;y the suggestion from one of the rejected candidates is worth considering----bring them in to work in Christchurch. I suggest that they could be 'bonded' for a prescribed time--- much like I was as a young teacher. Then they can move at will and continue to contribute to the NZ economy.
Come on Minister of Immigration--- give them a break---- we can only gain.

Fat Bugger ---- part 10--- I think

It’s time for an update. Yes--- what have I been doing? Have I given up on my quest for a healthier lifestyle? ------ Well no----I have just been getting quietly on with it; nothing too dramatic, because I know that such a pathway is doomed to failure with me. I shall ignore your unspoken negative thoughts, especially from you “God-blessed’ skinny people. I have come to the conclusion that it is all in the genes and we are generally already well on the way to whatever those little buggers dictate.
If you want to make assumptions about me, because of that statement, then go ahead. It might even finally stimulate some discussion and possibly a click or two on the adverts. (I couldn’t help but shove in that piece of vital information)
I had to go to the doctor yesterday because it was not possible to get a prescription renewal over the phone. He who should be obeyed demanded my presence as he was off to England for six weeks. I am talking about my wonderful doctor of course. (He doesn’t read blogs so I can say what I like!). I thought back over the last three moments since my last disastrous visit, where I had learnt that I had actually put weight on. Had I done enough walking and portion-size control? Only the dreaded moment of jumping on to the scales would reveal the answer and as usual I would do my best to divert his attention from those scales, teasing me in the corner of his office.
I sat in the waiting room, talking to an old guy who was an hour and a half early for his appointment. He had taken two busses from a distant suburb to get there. He told me that he had been coming to the doctor for twenty years. The receptionist made him a cup of tea and then shared her lunch with her. It almost brought tears to my eyes.
Finally the moment arrived and I had my blood pressure taken. Damn it was high but then I remembered to ask which sleeve he had used. Whenever he uses the narrow one my readings are high. He popped on the wider one and voila--- the reading was normal--- it always works that way. He smiled and shook his head while I made comments about him needing to do some research about the phenomenon.
‘Get on the scales now,’ he ordered. I reluctantly stepped on---- OMG---- success. I had lost three kilograms! He smiled and then I reminded him that I was in my ‘Winter dress mode’ and that he should take off another kilo because of my heavy leans and belt. No such luck, but I could tell he was quite happy. Now all I have to do is keep it up. I can’t remember doing anything unusual to assist my weight loss. Maybe the walks with Perdy are working.
Now I had to take her to the vet---- but that’s another blog.

Mexico---- welcome to my world of blogging

Great to see you Mexico. Hope you enjoy my blog and the books.