Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jack Russell on Steroids---part 2

Oh no--- its true----Perdy may be feeling better and it is probably a figment of my imagination, but this morning was crazy. I was in slumber land and at about there was an almighty row as Perdy decided that the cat needed attention. Why not? After all, shouldn’t everyone be up in a Jack Russell’s world? Usually she lets us sleep in to at least 6.30 or even later in the weekend, but not today.
It was bark, meow, spit, jump, clamber up the wall, louder more urgent meows and more raucous barking. Hell if the anonymous complainant (see other blog on that) could hear, I was about to be in deep doggie poo. The cat must have got the message, so she migrated to the neighbours where she has her ‘standby pad.’ Luckily that suits them, but not at 5 something in the morning.
I thought her highness had settled, but no. She has a mirror she sometimes sits in front of and preens herself. Not this time. She did her best to take it down. She must have thought---‘Who’s this crazy bitch looking back at me?’
Peace did not return until she had some food in her bowl, along with the hidden medication. Thank God, the injection of steroids only lasted 24 hours. Oops there are still a few hours to go so whatever she’s planning, I think we are ready.
As an after note---- I nearly brought home a stray Jack Russell from school. It had come in and we couldn’t find the owner. Perhaps I can say--- luckily it made its own way home. Can you imagine two Jack Russells?

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