Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bullying takes many forms

I wrote as blog yesterday about bullying in NZ schools and the advent of social-media bullying. How can I not comment on the report of a Whangarie institution that has ‘bullied the family of a pre-schooler with HIV to leave? They broke many NZ laws in doing this, including basic human rights and laws relating to privacy. They also exhibited ignorance that I thought no longer existed in NZ, at least amongst professional organizations.
How could the management and staff at that organization be so ignorant? How could they be so unaware of the fact that this young person posed no threat to other children and their families? There needs to be huge education programme for the staff and those responsible for that unfortunate decision.
 What is also sad is the damage that has now been done. How can they take back the released information about the young child? Will the bigots be out in force now and try to bar the child from other places his parents try to enrol him in.
This must never happen again. Perhaps something good can come out of this. It is a timely reminder that education is a continuing process and that we should never assume that  ‘she’ll be right mate.’

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