Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jack Russell on steroids--no--no--- and no

I took Perdy to the vet yesterday because she had developed a rash on all four paws. It didn’t seem to bother her unduly, but I am a good doggie daddy.
Off we went and she did her usual thing--- pretended that she could always behave. She sat patiently while the vet saw another bigger dog and just politely sniffed when it came out. I won’t bore you with the details of the diagnosis--- I just had to remember what to do about the when and how much for the prescriptions. It cost a pretty penny, but then we do have insurance.
The vet administered a shot of steroids and if you have ever wondered at what would happen with a Jack Russell on steroids, then here’s a possible answer. I may not be correct in making the link but this morning before work (I am not bringing her in to work until next week) she was either bloody high or just happy to feel better. The poor cat was most put out at the tactics Perdy employed to piss her off. She pranced, hid and jumped. She did her best to catch the cat, avoiding as usual the claws that responded to her machinations. Eventually Jasmine the cat left for the elderly neighbours where she has found solitude when things get hot.
Perdy also decided to bark at her reflection, anything from a low growl to full on attack mode. I can’t be sure that it is the steroids, but thank God it is only for 24 hours. Much more of Miss Perdy on a steroid induced personality disorder would have me heading for the hills.

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