Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fat Bugger ---- part 10--- I think

It’s time for an update. Yes--- what have I been doing? Have I given up on my quest for a healthier lifestyle? ------ Well no----I have just been getting quietly on with it; nothing too dramatic, because I know that such a pathway is doomed to failure with me. I shall ignore your unspoken negative thoughts, especially from you “God-blessed’ skinny people. I have come to the conclusion that it is all in the genes and we are generally already well on the way to whatever those little buggers dictate.
If you want to make assumptions about me, because of that statement, then go ahead. It might even finally stimulate some discussion and possibly a click or two on the adverts. (I couldn’t help but shove in that piece of vital information)
I had to go to the doctor yesterday because it was not possible to get a prescription renewal over the phone. He who should be obeyed demanded my presence as he was off to England for six weeks. I am talking about my wonderful doctor of course. (He doesn’t read blogs so I can say what I like!). I thought back over the last three moments since my last disastrous visit, where I had learnt that I had actually put weight on. Had I done enough walking and portion-size control? Only the dreaded moment of jumping on to the scales would reveal the answer and as usual I would do my best to divert his attention from those scales, teasing me in the corner of his office.
I sat in the waiting room, talking to an old guy who was an hour and a half early for his appointment. He had taken two busses from a distant suburb to get there. He told me that he had been coming to the doctor for twenty years. The receptionist made him a cup of tea and then shared her lunch with her. It almost brought tears to my eyes.
Finally the moment arrived and I had my blood pressure taken. Damn it was high but then I remembered to ask which sleeve he had used. Whenever he uses the narrow one my readings are high. He popped on the wider one and voila--- the reading was normal--- it always works that way. He smiled and shook his head while I made comments about him needing to do some research about the phenomenon.
‘Get on the scales now,’ he ordered. I reluctantly stepped on---- OMG---- success. I had lost three kilograms! He smiled and then I reminded him that I was in my ‘Winter dress mode’ and that he should take off another kilo because of my heavy leans and belt. No such luck, but I could tell he was quite happy. Now all I have to do is keep it up. I can’t remember doing anything unusual to assist my weight loss. Maybe the walks with Perdy are working.
Now I had to take her to the vet---- but that’s another blog.

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