Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back to work soon, but Kakamatua did it for Perdy and I today.

I am thinking that the Kakamatua Inlet is my place--just that bit different from my Bay. For starters, it is clean and isolated, with a clean stream running into the horseshoe bay, that faces the notorious Manukau Heads. Once Perdy and I headed through short bush walk, we felt we had entered another world; just a few people with their families----and dogs, strolling along the valley and bay. If you think dogs don't smile, just observe them at this fabulous place and I am dammed sure the answer will a resounding--YES! Today, we walked right to the end of the bay and crossed over the shoreline, that seems so close to the other side of the huge harbour. This is almost its narrowest point, the blue water Chanel probably hiding denizens of the deep. Once on the other side of the bay, we walked along the fresh water stream. By this time, my shoes were hanging around my neck and I was reminded of the fact that this was the closest I had come to a real swim. Hurry up and come back, Doug---we need to take some real dips! For Perdy--this was doggie heaven. She mixed it with a huge, but very young Red Nosed Pit-bull and made sure she was the boss. It was only when the big dog sat on her, which meant Perdy was under water that I saw the jack Russell hissy-fit taking place. All good---no issues and peace was immediate. I trudged along the shallow stream, the water was warm until we came upon slightly deeper pools. Perdy ran, swam, jumped, drank and chased the orange ball--the one she hates to lose. My thoughts strayed to the end of the week---work is just around the corner, but days like this are enough to recharge me, enthuse me and give that balance, so sorely needed to make it through another year. I love this place! I love it even more when I can share it with friends and family.

As part of my obsession------

I try to write at least one blog a day---=yes it is an obsession and I am sure you will agree that there are those that are far worse than mine. This is therefore my blog for what has been a perfect day with friends and family.