Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How many car manufacturers are pulling the sliders over our eyes?

So you go and check out all the 'specifications' for a new car and arrive at that place that allows you to make a sensible decision about buying one that ticks all the 'boxes.' It has all the power you want, the looks, and above all---it has fantastically green qualities.' You go ahead with the deal, and trade in your old 'stinker,' in the knowledge that you are saving the planet. Then comes the news that a 'reputable manufacturer, indeed the worlds most successful one, in terms of total sales, gets caught telling a 'porky.' NO I m not talking about David Cameron's unusual past-times! I find it a bit much to believe that other manufacturers are not also complicit in distorting the details re their latest releases.Expect VW to cry out in indignation that they are not the only ones doing this. I would be extremely surprised if they were. OK, the complete fabrication of the truth was on a massive scale and others may be at the other end of the 'lies continuum,' but tales and exposes are going to be the stuff of our news media. There will be back-stabbing, accusations and shock and horror stories. Imagine what will come out about some of the 'new boys on the block.' The are are also going to be some damned good deals going as some of the companies try to 'knock off' so-called 'dirty cars.' Maybe the events we are witnessing will be good reason for the alternate energy cars to come massively into the new game! Bring it on!!!