Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This must be the craziest of 'moves' in the KDC saga---Hone and Kim?---- yeah right!

Is this the 'Mother of all conspiracy theories?---Kim Dot Com in league with Hone Harawira? Is Hone so broke and short of allies (more likely --cash!) that he would throw his hat into the ring with King Dot Kong?---oops!---slipped! It is so unbelievable that it could be true. My source for such an outrageous statement?---why---good old ZB talkback this afternoon. Really---I nearly ran off the road. There seems to be no end to the various machinations of power-seeking methods for this man---KDC, I'm talking  about. Apparently there is some obscure rule around MMP that allows for KDC to be a 'component' section,' of Hone's party, thereby allowing for some of KDC's cronies to enter Parliament, because we all know that he his kingly self can not. Damn---he must be desperate. I can't wait to see the next candidate, head covered in military camouflage, entering the magnificent 'rented' palatial lodgings of the king maker! Maybe the Dear Leader of the Conservative Party will regurgitate enough bile in order to make the journey! Wonders never cease. At this rate of visitations, we may even see the Taliban creeping across the front lawn of the 'big house.'. Watch out for  the site of KDC sporting a long black beard. Hey---has JK been there yet?

Lorde laughs off extreme reaction from USA church--the 'hater church' that says 'their' God hates faggots.'

Why would we be surprised that the very same church that preaches hate and intolerance would come out and ask people to picket Lorde’s concerts? The church has been in the limelight quite a lot re its unique approach to religion as they see it. They are whacky, exclusively hateful and hardly represent anything other than the Taliban of Christianity. If anything, they have only increased the likelihood of increased audiences at Lorde’s concert and for that she is indeed grateful. Go for it, Lorde---we are most proud of you and the openness you ‘preach. Their version of ‘God’ is one that makes a mockery of ‘religion.’

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China New Zealand trade: like our dependency on the 'Mother Country,' years ago, minus the 'ideological differences.'

Cast your minds back the ‘good old days,’ when New Zealand traded with Britain in a manner that had us almost hog-tied to the point that if Britain swerved in any way, we went along with ‘her.’ Our fortunes were strongly linked with those of Britain. Remember the phrase ; ‘Where Britain goes, we go,’ a position that took us to two World Wars,’ and one that the UK hardly takes into account in our modern day relationship. When the UK took itself into the ‘Common Market and closely aligned itself with Europe, the writing was on the wall and New Zealand rapidly realized that diversifying our trading partners was an essential fact of life in the new world. To a great extent we have succeeded in breaking that old economic partnership and the UK is now one of many trading partners. The relationship is relatively healthy and a two way one.

Other markets have also become important to us and we now trade with a huge number of countries. We produce a wider range of goods for the world, but it must be said that we are still a predominantly primary producer of goods, that thankfully represent choices that the world really needs, like ‘protein.’

With the growth and resurgence of the massive Chinese market, things have taken a different turn for New Zealand; almost one that resembles in some ways the old relationship we had with Britain, minus a few cultural factors and that of shared history. To some in New Zealand this new relationship is fraught with hooks; the main one being perceptions of human rights abuse from the top heavy Chinese Communist Party. New Zealand has for many years put its hand up, albeit a small one, for the rights of individuals and groups to have access to freedom of expression. That is something that is held very highly here, but one that is difficult to export to other societies, where other forces are more values; namely that of the access to food, housing and employment. If the later are delivered, then such lofty ideals that we often espouse, are seen as secondary to the reality of ‘survival.