Tuesday, April 29, 2014

USA about to cut 'military aid ' to Egypt---about time.

The news of a second mass sentencing to death of members of the Muslim Brotherhood is most disturbing and it seems that even by the standards re how a nation should be governed from the USA's perspective, Egypt's leaders have gone too far. I am glad to see a senior Senator stand up and say he will block all military aid to this nation that once had an Arab Spring, that quickly turned to chaos and suffering. It seems that no matter who leads this nation, holding power can only come through repressive means. I do not admire the Muslim Brotherhood but neither do I hold the military in high regard. Yes, it is easy to judge from afar and the situation in Egypt is complex but the two huge sentencings of opponents of the present military regime cause one to think that Egypt has fallen into the category of a failed state. Egyptians have taken to the streets in the recent past but they have had their wishes for a better future hijacked from the two extremes; on by the clerics and the other by an entrenched military oligarchy. Sound familiar!?

Get Aucklanders on to trians but there is a bit oif an issue re parking at Onehunga raliway station.

I am going to take my first 'real' trip on then new electric train today form Onehunga, but as I drove past that car park today, after walking my dog down at the 'bay,' I was struck by the fact that there were no empty car parks. Now I know some of you may be saying that I should bus to the station and leave my car at home. thereon lies a problem. We are not going to get Aucklanders on to public transport in one move. The fact that we have the new trains rolling out is not the answer alone. We must do this in stages; for example, driving to large car parks on the fringes of the city or even in outer suburbs, being able to leave the cars safely there and then getting onto a bus or train in  order to keep the motorways and inner city less crowded is a good first move.
So until the car parking possibilities in Onehunga and other 'hubs' is much increased, expect people to drive past and carry on into town, further increasing the bedlam we already face. Just a point folks, but one that is realistic and not flying up there in the lala land of tree hugging heaven whereby everyone is going to leave their cars at home. Let's be realistic and gradually encourage people to take that first vital step. Right, what am I going to do today? Why, of course I shall just have to find a car park nearby the station but I can tell you from my quick look this morning, that this could be a difficult task.