Thursday, May 9, 2013

'I'm gonna Gok you' she said----scarry eh

One of my colleagues told me she will Gok me and that if I wear my soon to fall off jeans to work on Monday that she will take them off. I said, 'Lucky I don't go commando then eh.' My kids at school also told me to go shopping for new clothes, jeans at least, so I did after school. It feels so much better now, being able to get into normal sized jeans; ones that don't have a 40 involved and I am talking inches of course. Damn, does that mean I also have to buy tops----Nah, I got them sitting on coat hangers in my wardrobe, GOING DOWN DOWN DONW. Maybe I can used to this new minus 25kg 'me.' Of course I shall need to buy even smaller jeans in about 3 months or face the wrath of my 'collectives' at work. Hell, I have never worried about cloths before. It was simply going onto a shop and asking for whatever fitted. Choice is a wonderful 'feeling.'

K2 may be gone but already the next product is for sale!

WE will not see any laws with teeth until August 2013 to stop the sale of Synthetic drugs so it is time that we all took a stand against these shops in our community who are 'preying' on our people, particularly our young people. This Saturday from about  11am, go to Manurewa where a shop is selling this stuff and make your point. OK, I am not saying that we should break the law but there is nothing wrong with making alot of noise and letting the landlord and owner of the business know that we do not want this stuff on our streets. There have been reports that high school students have been smoking it on the street nearby. OK, we all know that such sales will go 'underground,' but it is important that we at least take this step to stop shops from selling it. That will take one point of sale from the equation. Where do you go to make your point?----206 Great South Road, Manurewa!   Lets do it and send a stgrong message.

First Brendan Hora and now Aaron Gilmore. INDEPENDANTS!

What can I say? Is the New Zealand Parliament going to be loaded up with independant thinkers and will we see a time when Mps will  have a real say in the futrue of NZ, without the constraints of belonging to the 'party hack machinery?
Don't be silly. What we are seeing is the ramifications of two men who behaved badly and now they are wanting to pin their political futures on the mast of 'independant thinking.' Hell, if they had actually embarked in a bit of 'thinking' they would not be in this position. Both of them will disappear from the political landscape and no one will even remember them in the very near future. In the meantime they will keep their snouts in the Welle-trough' and continue to draw their salaries and enjoy the other fringe benefits of belonging to that institution we call Parliament. There has to be a better way of dealing with erant MPs, particularly the ones on the 'List.' We need to find a balance where people can speak out and not slavishly hold to the party line, but when there is a serious indiscretion, then a way to have them leave Parliament must be found. Any party can have members who fit this description.
Of course we could always hope that the two 'new friends on the outer' could see the lght and simply piss off!