Sunday, October 27, 2013

Forget Russia's claims about Greenpeace 'piracy,' and just look at Tournament Parking in NZ!

I know that many people are angry at the Russian Government's original claims that Greenpeace activists were carrying out 'acts' of piracy and even now that those charges have been reduced to 'hooliganisms,' we only need to look closer to home to see the money grabbing selfish and nasty company that is taking extreme action re parking. That company is Tournament Parking and despite being a signatory to some sort of code of conduct, it constantly appears in the media as being a total bully.
When a man took action, and yes, damaged one of their clamps they immediately charged him. Their actions are being repeated on a daily basis. It is time that the Government manned up and passed legislation to force this company and others who clearly  carry out acts of piracy, all in the name of profit gouging to play fair. Force them to return to a more 'New Zealand way' of conducting business and not emulating the actions of a despotic Government. Tournament Parking should be ashamed of themselves and the public should avoid wherever possible using their facilities, even if that means, dare I say it, taking the bus or train. Either way, we must give them the message that 'enough is enough.'